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Sunday, September 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, April 04, 2002
From: jannat
If everthing created,than who created God.Its a common ? ask by Athiest.

In the name of God, Most Gracious Most merciful.

This simple question always asked by the Athiest or humanist to
the theist person.
1. If God make every thing then who made God.
2.If we can not see God why should we Believe.
Some say that according to great religious scholars everthing has been
created by God. They say: " if such is fact , then who has created God
himself? Those who raise such a question believe that it is
The also think that this question is a valid refutation directed
believers in God and only against them. Before giving an answer to this
assertion, take note of the following questions:

There are questions which put the mind on the alert to understand the
answer better. Moisture of every object comes from water ( or generally
liquids). Where does the water moisture come from?
The oiliness of all foods comes from oil, where oilness of oil come
The saltiness of everthing comes from salt. Where does the saltiness of
come from? All warmth comes from fire. Where does warmth of fire come
It is obvious that the moisture of water, the oilness of oil, the
of salt and warmth of fire do not come from somewhere else. They are
own natural qualities. Water is by nature moist, oil by nature oily,
salt by
nature salty and fire by nature warm.
Note it should be born in mind that the essentiality of the water
or saltiness of water never means that the moisture of water has no
becacause it is a property of water, but it means that creator has
water moist, just as we cannot have water by removing its moisture
from it.
So we can see that every phenomenton and property springs from it
from where we should not trace it to anywhere else. That is true of
existence, too. In creation, the creatures have no existance of their
and existence is not their property. So things and creatures are bound
have an origin. The thiest call the oringin of existance "God" Whose
existance is essential and originates from Himself.
The above said issues are outlined in the following brief story:
Mohammed and Mehdi are two sincere friends studying in the fifth form
One day mahdi says to Mohammed I have some question which I want to
Mehdi: Who is the creator heaven and earth?
Mohammed : God.
Mehdi: Who created us?
Mohammed: God.
Mehdi: I agree that the creator of everything is God, But Who has
God Himself?
Mohammed : What I have gathered about theism, I will tell you about ,
and I
hope you will agree about it. The Creature needs a creator, but a
doesn`t need a creator. For example, the number 1 has not been made
another number. Take figures from 1 to 9 . If it is asked: "What doer
number 9 depend on ? " We say : on number 1, Because we have repeated 1
times. We have also repeated 1 eight times to make number 8 etc.. But
does the zero depend on ? The fact is that the number 0 is not a
Number is somthing to be increased and reduce. One thousand 0s is one 0
no more. Ten thoushand 0s is no different in quantity from one 0.
can be added to or subtraceted from it. What is 0.5? it is one half of
which has been divided int two. So a half, too, depends on 1. The
number 1
as a basis depend on nothing else all numbers depend on 1, but 1
depends on
no numbers.
Dear Mehdi do you understand this little example?
Mehdi:Yes I did.
Mehdi: Now tell me since when has God existed?
Mohammed: Once a Jewish man asked Amirol Mominin Imam Ali (AS) since
God had existed. Imam replied: " Tell me when he has not existed so
that it
could be asked since when he has begun to exist. Such a question
irrelavent in some cases, but it makes sense when we told of somthing
has not existed and then it has come into existence. The existence of
has no begining and no end. God has existed before everything and will
continue to exist after everthing.
I am posting one of the Sermon of Amirol Muminin Imam Ali (AS) related to the this topic. Really this sermon explain the oneness of God in simple and clear way. I had never seen such a explaination of God.

People Discussion
(Monday, April 08, 2002)

May almighty GOD guide us towards right path.
Thanks a lot brother jannat for ur valued posting.

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