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Monday, July 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published
Date: Wednesday, May 23, 2001
From: bd_KonkaBoti
man and woman: mythes and facts

According to Ruth Hartley, Socialisation takes place through four process, manipulation, canalisation, verbal appellation and activitiy exposer. Let's see what all those things does to a new born!!!:)

MANIPULATION or moulding is meant the WAY WE HANDLE A CHILD. it has been noticed that boys are treated as strong, autonomous beings right from the begining. On the other hand, mothers fuss with the babay girl's hair, dress in a faminine fashion and tells her how beautiful and pretty she is. This physical experiences of early childhood are very important in shaping the self perception of girls and boys.

The second process CANALISATION, which involves directing the attention of male and female children to objects or aspects of objects. Examples of this are giving girls dolls or potsand pans to play with and encouraging boys to play with guns, cars,and aircrafts. Through this kind of differential treatment the interests of girls and boys are channelised differently and tehy develop different capabilities, attitudes, aspirations and dreams. Familiarity with certain objects directs their choice.

VERBAL APPELLATIONS are aslodifferent for boys and girls. For example, we often say " oh, how pretty you look!" to girls, and to boys " You looking smart and strong!" Research studies show that such remarks construct the self-identity of girls and boys ( seee, how strong megh thinks himself...ha ha ha!!). Children learn to think os themselves as a male or females and so to identify with other males anf females. Family members constantly transmit aspects of gender role directly in the way they talk even to very young chinldren ( boys never cry...chi!!) and they also convey the importance given to each child.

ACTIVITY EXPOSER is the last process to transfor a female to a woman and a male to a man. Both male and female children are exposed to traditional masculine and feminine activities from their very childhood. Girls are asked to help their mothers with household chores, boys accompany fathers outside. In communities where the sex is segregated, girls and boys live in two distinct spaces and are exposed to very different activities. It is through these processes that children imbide the meaning of masculine and femenine, and internalise them almost unconsciously.

The amazing thing is that many of us are not always aware of this process.Children also learn these roles without being aware of the fact that they are moulded. If there were no difference between girls and boys everywhere behaved more or less sameway, one could argue that gender roles are based on Sex, but that does not happen in reality.

SANCTION or DISAPPROVAL against children and adults when they deviate from their gender roles is another very powerful way of making everyone conform to expected male or female behaviour. The most common from is sanction is SOCIAL RIdicule ( when men are treated to be a lady killer when they charm many women, women are redicule as being a bad girl for the same act!)

In addition to the social sanction there are aslo economic sanction. Often families threaten or refuse to financially support children who deviate from set norms and practices. Emotional blackmailing is another predominant for of sanction (Poor April!!).

if you have finished this write up.....I congratulate you for your patience!!:) Now let me ask you a question. Tel me: What are the activities a women do, a man can't do that????:)



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