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Monday, July 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, March 28, 2002
From: pardeshi
Mujib /Zia, who did what

Some comments made by our politicians caught my attention.I am surpriced to see that hasina is trying to establish Shake Mujib as the founding leader of our nation,do we really need some one to tell us what Mujib has done for bangladesh?He wasn't a succesful ruler but he was our leader for our struggle for independent.On the other hand Zia was just a Major in the Pakistani army.No one knew him before he made the announcement on the radio for Mujibur Rahman.So,to compare them in that regard is Idiotic and without any merit.Are they forgetting that millions of people watch what happened and they remember everything.
Why are these politicians trying to make Zia and Mujib something they are not.Don't they know we live in a different world now and people will find out the truth.I was in the third grade when Mujib was killed,but I saw the tanks running around in the second capital(I was a student at the Residential model school)heard gun shots and later found out what happened.But,I remember not to see anyone crying or anything.People were tired of Mujibs misrule and killing of young people by his 'Rokhee Bahiny'.Lets see what did Gen Zia did.He hanged Col Taher,the man who gave him power.He also killed hundreds of army personnel and really corrupted the Bangladeshi political process.
So,stop telling us who Zia or Mujib was and what they did for us.Leave it to the people to figure out and evaluate them.We are in a bad situation now and our politicians should try to find a way to make things better or theywill be thrown out of power too.

People Discussion
(Thursday, March 28, 2002)

Muzib is in Mujib's place and Zia is in Zia's place. Muzib is a gone case. It is established after the 2001 election. People knew about Zia in 1971 while he declared independence whether it be in 26 th or 27 th March. Next time they heard about Zia in 1975 while he was house arrested by Gen. Mosarraf. Next time they knew about him in 1977 while he emarged as president of Bangladesh. If we analise these three diffirent events, Zia's name will be enlighten as a successful leader, while he became president. So zia should be evaluated for what he has done after 1977. If zia did not come to power people could know him only as a Chief of Army. And some few lines would be written in history book as a proclaimer of independence and as a sector commander of war of indipendence. It is the time now to evaluate Muzib and Zia. And history will take its own path. What is done cannot be undone.

(Thursday, March 28, 2002)

shono pardeshi and thikana>>>zia bolo r murib e bolo,ba ershad/khaleda/hasina,,,,aaiguli sob e nijeder akher guchhaitechhe....amader dukhkha amra kichhu omanus peyechhi jara rajnitir sathe sadhinotar por theke e jorito.bangladesher protita rajnaitik daal e nijera kivabe khomotai jabe ar kivabe godi dhore rakhbe se dhandai basto....bishsher boro boro desh guli te rajaniti kora onek koster karon tara ainer urdhe na..amader deshe ulta...tai sedin r beshi dure noi jedin sadharon jonogon gilutine marbo tader...

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