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Saturday, July 21, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, March 25, 2002
From: kuashaa
ref:Probashe Bangladeshider Ghrinno Kaj Kormo..Plz chek it out

Mr. concerned, kono kono probashee Bangladesheer kaaj jey kotota ghreenno hotey paarey taa aapnar posting ta dekhey bujhlam.

aapni Ishshorchondro Biddashagorer bhumika niyechhen, bangaleer jonno khub maya aapnar, desher shommaner jonney aapnar pran kaadey. kintu aapni jaanen na desh maati tey toiree na, maanushey toiree. kono maanushkey heyo korey aapnar moto keet aattoproshad petey paarey, shottikar Ishshorchondro hotey paarey na.

aapnar uddeshsho jodi etoi mohot hoto aapni kokhonoi ei 'bachcha' meyetir chhobi babohar korten na. aapni kokhonoi ei meyetir baba'r porichoy udghaton korten na. aar jebhabey aapni personal tottho tuley enechhen, chatting er nick shoho taatey to eta porishkar aapni baktigoto kono praptitey bonchito hoye ei poth ti bechhey niyechhen. ei ghreenno poth.

People Discussion
Rony Salman
(Monday, March 25, 2002)

Concerned’s url didn’t draw my attention, but after reading above (well said Kuasha), I went in there only to find in agony how well the subject (...Ghrinno Kaj kormo) suits the author (Mr. Concerned) himself rather than whomever he tried to inflict it on!! Mr Concerned, do you know how pathetic and ridiculous you sound when you try to alert folks to be careful about their kids slipping in adolescence and at the same time you leave no stone unturned to reveal the girl’s identity!! Believe me, that url speaks for you rather than the girl!!

(Tuesday, March 26, 2002)

Very well said, Kuashaa and Rony Salman, ai concern-ke, shobai mile or gaaye "bichuti" lagiye deya uchit!!

It only shows how mean, and dirty this person is. Character assasination of girls is the most disgusting thing one can do in personal grudge, and no human with dignity and self respets as well as respect for his/her own country or people can't do that. It as simple as that. Mr. Concern I also agree with Rony that the URL speaks for you rather then anyone else.

(Wednesday, March 27, 2002)

hmm....that's the habit of Bangali people.I always say that bangladeshi people talk too much,understand too much.That's what we found in that guy's website.They just love to talk about others personal life.When they are jelous about others,can't compete with them.That time they try to bring something which is personal .In this way,they try to be satisfied.I know the person kazi shamim bhai.He is very nice person and he is my bhaia.

our country people shows very little respect towards girl.but we have little concern about this.I think about 60% girls in our country physically or mentally tortured by others.we still live in animal age.stuck in that time.can't go by day,it's getting worse.

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