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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, March 21, 2002
From: kumropotash
Re: Please no new posting on "Woman & Religion"...

If some people are making a public discussion a private issue the fault lies with them, not the topic itself. And I am sure we are capable of discussing more than one topic at a time! B2k has the authority to say whether or not we can post messages on a particular topic. However, I would like to mention one thing. Bulletin board serves as a place where people from anywhere in the world can post his/her thoughts for discussion. There are bulletin boards on the web that are meant for specific purposes (e.g., a bulletin board only meant to discuss islam). My understanding was B2K provided a general purpose bulletin board. By removing Meghs posting (which was posted before B2Ks posting) and asking us not to discuss the topic any longer you are now giving a different impression. Again, its ok if you dont want discussion on a particular topic. But I would request you to state clearly what topics are acceptable for discussion here so that I can make an informed decision as to whether or not I want to post messages here.

People Discussion
(Thursday, March 21, 2002)

Censorship is not good for anyone.Sometime some discussion will be heated but telling people what they can talk about or not is against the whole idea of internet.If you care about people being here you will not try to limit their subject of discussion.People come here because they can freely express their thought.Its flat out wrong to limit their freedom of expression.I would appreciate it if you think about your censorship and what it will do to your site.Thx.

Fazle alam babu
(Saturday, March 23, 2002)

I also agree with kumropotash, pardeshi and megh.This is not fair.

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