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Friday, July 20, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, March 19, 2002
From: ahmed1
Re: Re: Re: Re: Bushra

"Bushra, the problem comes when SOME PEOPLE (not everyone) cannot control the beast." -----saturday, march 16 ['cannot control', so u do admit !!! otherwise it should have been 'some ppl have the beast; others dont']

Ahmed--> of course I ‘agree’ that some people cannot control the beast but I do not ‘admit’. Is there anything that I should admit, bushra? May be I (or you) missed any point.

" I brought up that word (beast) just to vindicate the bad attitude of some male."------sunday, march 17 [u brought up that , i used that ... the problem is i used it against u.....]

Ahmed -->again the problem is that you used that wrongly. I was against those ‘beast’ but you thought I was one of them (it appeared at that moment when u wrote ur previous posting…though u cleared it here. I’ll give u thanks later)

I brought up the example of nature to prove that women are less vindictive than men"-----and I gave those examples just to prove we can try to change if we dont like something natural.... how in this case ?........
Ahmed --> The other example that u’ve given to prove that women can also be as strong as men. There lies a flaw too. Find one of ur African female and then instead of comparing with B’deshi men try to compare them with African male. You’ll find the distinction.
May be I am thousand times less intelligent than the great people like Darwin. I will not tell his theory was wrong (I don’t want to be laughing stock to some people). But you know one thing ever since I was in school I had gone very far to find could it be possible that his theory is entirely true or a part is true. I found that you could look at that theory in two ways… 1. Being a nonbeliever and 2. Being a believer. Hey, there’s no point in arguing here. Its just my opinion. Now, if you are a believer then you can think this way—God has created all animals according to their need. The animals of desert are created in a way so that they can survive there. If you are a nonbeliever you think other way—the animals have evolved themselves (may be changing their behavior…or way of living) to accommodate their need. Now since I am a believer I do believe that male and female are created according to the need of them not that they have evolved themselves to accommodate the situation. If the second option was true then there’s a problem. Please some one tell me…at what point they started evolving themselves, I mean at what point of time male started taking over lead against the female? If it was a ‘taking over’, then logically they (the male and female) were either same or the male were weaker then female otherwise ‘taking-over’ doesn’t make sense. If it is the case then why female couldn’t do the opposite…why they let themselves to overpowered? You know, these were the questions which always come when I try to believe the evolution theory even being a believer. I really tried to believe this law but each time it was in vain. Any solution? I believe nobody will take the above example against female or male. It was just an example to show my inability to believe the evolution law.

Please accept my REAL appreciation for your last words to heal my wrong impressions against your postings. I would also go further to take this opportunity to say that this bulletin board has given me some food for thought too. And you’ve been a tough opponent . Thank you too.

"......keep that open wishes for u.”

Ahmed--> thanks for ur wishes.

You too have a nice day.

People Discussion
(Wednesday, March 20, 2002)

nah chele goulouh poura shounah bad diya matha tta kharap koira felshe

(Wednesday, March 20, 2002)

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