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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, March 19, 2002
From: bushra
RE: RE: RE: ahmed

"Bushra, the problem comes when SOME PEOPLE (not everyone) cannot control the beast." -----saturday, march 16 ['cannot control', so u do admit !!! otherwise it should have been 'some ppl have the beast; others dont']

"Now kumropotash, you have asked why it’s the case that only male has beast in them and why female can’t have the beasts. Female don’t have them because that’s the nature’s criteria to make female"---thursday, march 14 [u didnt deny it !!! .....rather u went on explaining why female dont have them !!! ]

" I brought up that word (beast) just to vindicate the bad attitude of some male."------sunday, march 17 [u brought up that , i used that ... the problem is i used it against u.....]

"I brought up the example of nature to prove that women are less vindictive than men"-----and I gave those examples just to prove we can try to change if we dont like something natural.... how in this case ? kumropotoash gave a nice explanation... bandor totto( Darwin theory) bole ‘evolution’ namok akta jinish ache....soja banglate, proyojon-er tagide poriborton.....bangladesh er meye-ra jodi 5 ber-r gach/whatever kat-tay na pare too tar pichone ghore boshea rakhar karonta boro....koreni tae pareni, korar shujog dile bodlabe , in fact bodlacche .... konkadir posting a ache ,"Women constitute 42% of total labour force, majority of whom are involved in the agriculture sector (77.4%). "-- its a huge number and even i was surprised !!! .. .... African average jekono mohila, bangladesh-er jekono average chaleker tulonay doetto danober kacha kachi....european-ra jodio atota monster type na, tawo kache gele bojha jaay ma jononi-ra ki jinish... agulo exceptions na , tader kache atae reality....a gulo holo kumropotash ja boleche--desh, kal , jati, proyojoniota vede, if i agree with u je adesher maye ra dubla-patla then u also have to agree with me je african gulo doetto-danob !!! je standard jayga-a jayga-a different seta niay kotha bole ki hobe !!!

"I have a feeling that you have already taken me as a hardcore believer of something what you don’t believe. "----oh, no .....i just try to find the holes , and my believes ? i do have some believes and those has nothing to do with this discussion...i just took u as an opponent ...ahmed listen, this has been a fun for me....i dont have any personal grudge against u.....rather ur postings gave me something to think about , something to write look forward for the replies... I was busy with those posting and had a wonderful time !!....I should thank u for that and I Thank you

"well, to be frank I’m ready to redefine all my ideas about life if any convincing idea happens to come up in the way…so far I’m waiting. "......keep that open wishes for u.

r akta kotha, kural ar english kintu thik-e spade....

Have a nice day.

People Discussion
(Tuesday, March 19, 2002)

tomaar likha porte porte tomaar bhokto hoye jachci meye!!

(Tuesday, March 19, 2002)

konkadi,lojja deo na , sheshi abar mayeder lojja beshi na com , seta bhalo na kharap ta niay juddho korte hobe !!!

(Wednesday, March 20, 2002)

gr888888888888 was really nice ......
i wish u can at least stop those men from think women cant do anythink

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