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Friday, July 20, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, March 18, 2002
From: kumropotash
Re: Reacpect of women

I don’t want to sound like a cynic but humans are in general selfish. Most of their behaviors/actions are centered on self-interest. Having said that, a man will respect his mother (as long as he is the “sonar tukra” to the mother) and sister (as long as she does not want equal share of property – actually in Bangladesh, sisters most of the times don’t get any share of the parent’s property). But a man will less likely to respect his wife because that will require him to contribute to household chores equally for example. But you cannot just disregard your wife and tell her to obey you all the time. That’s where religion comes into play. If god says that “purush narir upor kortrittokari” and you are supposed to follow religion without questioning it - it gives men a wonderful opportunity to preserve their interests! That’s just one of the reasons why men invented religion. I hope that answers your question M_megna.

People Discussion
(Monday, March 18, 2002)

If that was your question in the first place!

(Tuesday, March 19, 2002)

well...You can read iota's postings for further information and explanation, M-megna. From those postings you will also realise how those information make a male " Men".

(Wednesday, March 20, 2002)

yeah, but dont u think so tht all sounds like little bit sily .....
the share of property ,nowadays girls r getting the equall share of their dad.s and mum;s property ,mum;s r loving their both son and daougther,equaly ... and as far as the wife. it depends on the man if he thinks tht pursh narir upor koriti tou kari then , ofcurse u know beter then me ,
so i dont gree with u

(Wednesday, March 20, 2002)

megna, do you live in Utopia??

(Wednesday, March 20, 2002)

(Wednesday, March 20, 2002)

M megna,your'e right.I don't know where some of these people live and what kind of family they came from.Some of these people talk like all men are animals and all they do is torture their wives.May be their father was a jerk(not talking about anyone in particular) and they had a bad experience with their boyfriend or husband.But that doesn't give them the right to trash all men.Ladies if you are so weak stay away from men,love has a history of going bad or failing.Stop crying and blaming the whole world for your failure in love.There are girls who play the love game clean someones bank account and maxout their credit card then leave the love of their life for some other guy.So girls aren't the only victim in the game of love.

(Thursday, March 21, 2002)

well said pardeshiiiii nope i dont live in utopia

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