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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, May 23, 2001
From: neelbedona

a boy.. young never in love ..sees a girl Stayed in her late teens.. falls in love.. deep love.. he didn't know she was very sick...she.. she ruined her life.. he loved every little move she made.. every little word she said...he was as vulnerable as a homeless bird.. he loved her wanted to be with her even after he knew about her condition...he promised.. promised to give every little joy life can hold. only to his love.. he gave her unconditional love.. he sang like a gypsy.. had maddening voice.. That boy asked if I got down on my knees to be with u would u ever let me down?. & she didn't.. his heart used to bleed when she was in pain.. but she never realized the love only understood her own pain what she suffered & how it was incomparable with anything & wanted to make his suffer with the hunger of soul, inflicted different.. sorts of pain.. he ws like a baby.. never wanted anything from her.. only gave.. gave.. gave.. she never recognized what she received.. they used to walk together.. long walks.. when she ws sad he started sinking in his ocean of pain.. every single night she used to say to him.. U know the road in front of my house is looking so peaceful.. I can see the mist gathering on the lake.. the shadowy trees standing lonely.. It's so quite now.. I m feeling cold.. come n hug me tight.. blow me a kiss from ur window.. Seattle down on my eyelids so I can go deeper n more deeper.. that boy always wondered wow! It's a dream.. what is love.. is this called love.. why I feel like to die in her arms.. feels like to leave my soul to her hand forever.. that boy wanted to give so much passion for that girl who has his heart...& receive so much that it's most probably inhuman.. His every passionate word makes her want to cover him up like vine & leaves.. strong but beautiful...protective. that boy used to wanna see the whole night will smile with twinkling stars....we will vanish into the unknown.. where peace takes over the pains.. The gentle waves will sing to us.. How will I ever live without u huh???

one day just to see how much he loves her, he cuts his young chest with a knife.. the first cut was in the right of the middle.. that ws light.. he didn't even feel the pain he loved her it ws unbelievable to him.. then there was a deeper cut on the right.. no he didn't make a sound or move his eyes away from her she was pleased & in pain at the same time.. then surprised she asked.. what the hell do u want from me & he said.. nothing.. It was then he realized she never had love in her.. his pains r killing him.. his eyes are shedding tears uncontrollably.. how wd it be stopped, coz she sucked that love from him.. she loved his pain.. & loved to present pain to others.. he looked at her smiled a bit.. blood dropping down his hands.. gave her a kiss on her forehead.. he loved her.. & couldn't hate her.. he just fled from her.. & forgiven her.. he loved her.. first love that made him bleed outside & inside.. she gave him eternal pain, made him look small to his self, to his family.. he doesn't hate her still.. every night he cried for the last...two.. three years. He cant forger her.. every single speech that she said.. he remembered.. but he couldn't able to say then that I don't wanna let u go so I m stand on ur way.. just coz he believes he never lose in loving.. he will lose it in holding back.. but how can he convey his mind.. coz mind knows no bound.. Every day he wakes up by tarring the morning light… hoping she is knocking the door.. grabbing a bunch of flower.. suddenly he jumped up.. and smashed back like a jet..ohhh!! it ws a dream..

It might be complete opposite. How the hell does he trust people? his broken heart just Makes him cry. he really would love to have someone who will teach him to trust, give him the warmth of her feelings.. Crazy thoughts.. Never supposed to come true. Shadows in the mirror tell me who it is? Let him know, his fortune or misfortune. He is slowly poisoning himself with pessimism..

just a crap
wrriten by: (neelbedona)

People Discussion
(Thursday, May 24, 2001)

megh, tumi aai gaanta shunecho?? " aamr golpo shuney karo chokhey bedonaar jol jodi aashey....bhishon dukkho paabo....aami tho shuke-i aachi..ekbuk bedona niye!"

tomaar golpo shuney, megh, oneker chokhei bedonar osru chik mik kore uthte paarey....kintu tomaar bedona tomaake kebol shundor-i koreche...buker moddhye koshto ke dharon kore jhinuk jemon mukta banay....thik temoni..

eta kebol tarai jaane...jara tomaar khuub kacher manush!

(Thursday, May 24, 2001)

Megh.... tomar leekha taa porlaam... prothom dike ektu biroktoi laagchhilo... tempo taa peyechhi ektu derite... totokkhone jaa hobar hoye giyechhe... amar otit taa chokher shamne chole eshechhe.... aar jaai koi...??!!

Chomotkaar lekho to tumi...??!! Tobe, shesh taa kintu amar motei bhalo laage ni...

"He is slowly poisoning himself with pessimism.."

I never believe in it... shotti shotti jodi kaaoke ebhabee bhalobeshe thako... amar to mone hoy, shei bhalobashai tomake shara jiboner paatheo hoye thaakbe... aami ontoto: shetaai bishwash kori....!!!

So, never be pessimistic, man... never ever....

(Thursday, May 24, 2001)

just a story.. story.. story.. jemon khushi temon bhabe end korbo.. :)

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