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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, March 17, 2002
From: M_megna
Reacpect of women

In the pre_Islamic days, women through the world were subjected to great indignities. NO religion had allowed women equality. Female infanticide was common, and to women what they earn __”(4;32) With the coming of Islam, the position of women was raised to a respectable and honorable one in the society. thus Islam came as the liberator and benefactor of women . the Quranic teaching is that women should be held in honors and their rough recognized in marriage , property and inheritance , it says “—to men is allotted what they earn
Islam respect women in all roles of their lives –as mother , sister, wife and daughter,. the position of a mother is very exalted in Islam , prophet Muhammad(pbuh)has gone , so far as to say that “ paradise lies beneath the feet of your mother”There is a well Know saying of the prophet “ the best among you is the one who is best towards his wife “
With regards to women as daughter the Arab attitude can be judged behavior at the birth of daughter: ---“ when is brought to me one of them of (the birth of )a female(child),his face darkens and he is filled with inward grief With the shame does he hide himself from his people, because of the bad news he has had !shall he retain it on (sufferance)contempt , or bury it in the dust ?
! “”_A men who has one or ore daughters and he brings them up properly, educates them and gets them married, is sure to enter the paradise”. Goes a saying of the holy prophet
so we have the rigth is Islam tht men should respect us .... but they dont want to do tht? i thing so if they try to respect women as the way i think they can control the beach inside them?
y dont men dont want to respect women?

People Discussion
(Sunday, March 17, 2002)

oppps for give me pl the frist para will be
from the third line ..with coming of Islam, the posiyion of womenwa raised to respectable and honorableone in society. Thus Islam came as librator and benefector of women.The Quranic teaching is tht women should be heid in honour and their rights recognized in marrige, property and says:-"to men is alloted wht they earn,and to women wht they earn--"

(Monday, March 18, 2002)

You have cited 2 quotes regarding women as mother and daughter what about women as equal to men? You got anything there?

(Monday, March 18, 2002)

but it;s not the ans of my question>
and if comes some thing like tht my topic was not men=women . and will try to give your ans...

(Monday, March 18, 2002)

Sorry M_megna, can you rephrase your question? It's not clear from what you have written earlier. Thanks.

(Monday, March 18, 2002)

The question was..."Why don't men want to respect women"?...aint i right, Megna?

(Tuesday, March 19, 2002)

meghna, from the time we (i m not distinguishing between boys or girls) are born we see our mom(n dad also), we watch them, touch them, feel them and trust them..... no law teaches us that, they r ur mom or dad; and tells us to love them.....its our very own human instinct that tells us that they r taking care of us and we love we grow up, eventually there grows a sense of respect...again both for mom and dad....then we come to know the facts of religion....we c the attitude of society towards women... they learn from that and use this 'newly learned knowledge' with the rest of the relations of contradiction with the relation between mom n religion caz it says all the right things about parents......legally astoo akta manush pacche jar sathe raja-proja type relation !!! kon dukkhay bhalo behave korte jabe..tara pagol na tader matha kharap !!!

(Tuesday, March 19, 2002)

ashole baper ta onak ta baccha-der khalner moto... baccha-ra nijeder khalner dike khub khayal rakhay, onner khalna hole bhanglee ki r na bhanglee ki , tar upor jodi tader bhangar permission daya hoay to sonay shohaga

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