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Saturday, August 18, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, May 23, 2001
From: april

Hello people,how are you all?for the last some days I saw many comments about me.I think,i need to clear things up.I can't let it go on.'cause I don't like anybody get bad idea about me.I can't stand on it.

Now let me start.This is me rifat.I am a girl though my name is kinda confused name.I live and study in USA.Here I am in love with a boy named Carl.He is a senior in my school(uni).I am in deep love with him.he loves me too.for the last two years,he was the one help me a lot beside my brother.But things doesn't go the same way.My parents doesn't want me to keep any contact with him cause they believe that american boys are not good and most of all,he is cristian.if I marry him,our whole family will go in hell.So I can't keep any contact with him.I am the only daughter of my parents.I have to listen what my parents say.But I love him too much.I can't live without him.he is the one who kissed me first in my life.people say I am snobish girl.They say why,you didn't find anybody from bangladeshi people.I say,I don't know.I just know that I love only him.I don't give damn care what is he.He is a person to me.Now I have to get him out of my head.That's why i am trying to leave USA.I want to keep me away from everybody.So that niether my parents nor carl will get my mind.I can't tell anybody how much pain how much pain I have.when I write songs,i feel ,no I am not cheating with him.I am just the victim in a my lyrics ,i tell him ,that i love him.You know what is funny,I see him everybody ,we talk everybody,but still he doesn't know that I am leaving USA.what a surprise,don't you think?

I think that's enough of writing.I believe i made clear myself so that nobody will get bad idea about me.

People Discussion
(Wednesday, May 23, 2001)

it should be everybday ,not everybody

(Wednesday, May 23, 2001)

again wrong spelling

(Wednesday, May 23, 2001)

hmm, how much deep u can love him.. is ur love that much.. that u can cut ur vien by watching his face.. can u leave everything in this world just coz of his one sign.. can u snatch ur heart from ur body and placed that to his feet..

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