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Radio Service


Over the past two and a half decades Radio Bangladesh, as formerly it was known, evolved into today's Bangladesh Betar. The SW service is headquartered at Dhaka serving daily programs in Bangli, the local language, as well as programming directed to neighboring countries in Hindi, Urdu, Nepalese, Arabic, plus twice daily English broadcasts. The English segments begin with daily newscasts and end with Bangladeshi or other featured music, plus, depending on the day of the week, commentary from local and national newspapers, sports reports, economic review and feature programs.

Bangladesh Betar English programs beamed to south and southeast Asia are aired from 1230 to 1300 UTC on 7185 kHz (the most powerful transmitter) and 9550 kHz; and to Europe from 1815 to 1900 UTC, on the same two frequencies, plus, sometimes transmissions on 15520 kHz.

While not an easy logging, Bangladesh Betar may make it to your ears. And if so, reception reports can be sent to the Director, External Services, Bangladesh Betar. PO Box 2204, 121 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh.

Other Radio channels serving Bangla programs are:

BBC Bengali Service

Operated from the UK this radio service broadcasts Bangla news.

VOA Bangla Service
Broadcasts Bangla news and cultural programs from Washington D.C., USA

Bangla Radio 
Bangla news and songs over internet

German Bangla Radio 
Deutsche Welle (German Bangla Radio) broadcasts Bangla news as well as other programs.

Radio Metrowave
Alternative Bangla Radio Station for the new generation

Bangla Radio Broadcastings 
SW Bangla Radio around the world

Eurobangla Audiocast
Plays Band and Modern songs in Real Audio

Radio Probash 
Bangla Natok in Real Audio

Bangla Music Radio from



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