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Windows to the Universe  

User-friendly learning system on the earth and space sciences for use by the general public. Developed by NASA.

Constants and Equations for Space-Related Calculations




Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere 

An overview of space research on the Earth's environment in space: the polar aurora, the radiation belts, the solar wind, magnetic storms, and more.

Glossary of Terms 

From the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Inquirer's Guide To The Universe 

Including space science fact, space science fiction, imaginary planet gallery, space story studios and a space story portfolio.

James Oberg 

Articles, speeches, columns, and more by the spaceflight operations expert and author.

New Look at the Universe as a Closed Cosmic Hypersphere


Observatorium, The 

Public information server promoting improved public access to NASA's large repository of earth and space science data, applications and technologies.

Our Universe 

All you need to know about our solar system, the universe, galaxies, satellites and more.

Poker Flat Research Range 

Non-federal owned space launch facility.

Scientific American: Making Money in Space 

Exploring the solar system turns out to be the easy part. The next great challenge will be creating profitable space enterprises.

Slingshot Effect, The 

Now spacecraft accelerate in planetary flybys by gravity assist.

Space & Flight 

Chuck Fiterman's Launch Pad.

Space and Flight Mailing List 

Space exploration, astronomy, and aviation mailing list.

Space Calendar 

Covers space-related activities and anniversaries for the coming year, including links to related home pages.

Space Day 

Held as a tribute to space and those that through their space-related work have made contributions to science, medicine, and everyday life.

Space Physics at the NSSDC


Space Sciences Information Systems 

A multi-discipline reference for the space science information systems that transcends government agency, university, research group and individual boundries.

Space Scientists Online 

Provides new and exciting information from space sciences and collects relevant information from previous space science projects.

Space Today Online 

Comprehensive directory covering space from earth to the edge of the universe.

Space Week 

Celebrated around the world each October 4-10, with public and school activities coordinated by Spaceweek International Association cooperating with the UN.

Space, Planetary, and Astronomical Cyber-Experience (SPACE) 

Easy to navigate guide to the best space and astronomy related websites. Produced by the National Space Society.

Space, The Final Frontier 

Space chat, current news and comprehensive links for the US, Russian and European Space Programs.


News and entertainment site for kids featuring space and science news stories, interactive games, weekly polls, kids' submissions, images, contests, and more.


Includes space news and briefs, and photos. A reference site that also has a directory of space-related Web sites.


Live audio and video events.

Star*s Family 

Growing collection of directories, dictionaries, databases and related products on astronomy, space sciences, and related fields and orgs of the world.

Sven's Space Place 

Resource for spaceflight history, space radio tracking and space technology.

The Cosmos: A Search for Life 

Covers numerous astronomy and space topics, and includes the Galactapedium, an astronomical encyclopedia.

World Book Encyclopedia: John Glenn Returns to Space 

A special report on John Glenn, the history of the first astronauts, and the challenges of living in space.

X-SAR User Kit at DLR 

1000 image quicklooks from the shuttle missions SIR-C/X-SAR plus technical documents

FAQ - Space


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