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Beyond Discovery: The Path From Research to Human Benefit 

A project of the National Academy of Sciences which identifies and traces, through case studies, the origins of important recent technological and medical advances.


Archive of the Usenet newsgroup discussing laboratory methods and techniques in the life sciences that have appeared in the journal of the same name.


Canadian Scientific Numeric Database Service.

Community Research and Development Information Service (CORDIS) 

Provides information on EU-supported R&D activities including programmes, projects, results, publications and partners.

Cryptography: Scientific Freedom and Human Rights Issues 

Proceedings from a congressional briefing examining the issues of scientific freedom to conduct and express cryptographic research, and human rights applications of cryptographic technologies.


German Research Network (DFN) links up scientists in a national communications infrastructure based on manufacturer-independent standards and with transitions into the public data network and into international science networks.

European Computer Industry Research Centre GmbH 

Mission is to pursue long-term, precompetitive research in the area of information technology.

European Research and Technology Information Network (EuRaTIN) 

Helps researchers to participate in European research programmes, featuring an overview of call for proposals, and partner search.

Gordon Research Conferences 

Provide an international forum for the presentation and discussion of frontier research in the biological, chemical, and physical sciences, and their related technologies.

IRC Semiconductors

Research in the areas of optoelectronic and advanced electronic devices for current and future applications in communications, computing and microwave systems.

Max Planck Institutes@


NASA Life Sciences Data Archive 

Provides a description of every life sciences experiment performed in space during the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Shuttle, and NASA-Mir programs.

NASA's Science Policy Guide 

Science in Air and Space.

Netherlands Institute for Scientific Information Services


New Scientist: The Ideas Machine 

Learn about Silicon Valley's extraordinary culture of creativity, where irresistible ideas are born, and the future is being spun out of the past.

Reconfigurable Tooling for Flexible Fabrication 

Cooperative effort to develop reconfigurable tooling for low-cost, flexible manufacture of sheet metal parts.

Science Casebook 

An interactive exploration of some of the Natural History Museum's diverse scientific work.

Science Controversies On-Line: Partnerships in Education (SCOPE) 

Online communities of scientists, classroom teachers, and science learners focused on current controversies in science that concern scientists and the general public.

Scientific Investigation 

Student introduction to learning the scientific process of testing hypothesis.

Shapes in Time 

Basic research in scientific methods: reconstructing the detailed shapes of individual events to expose how they evolve, offers new perspective on causation.

Star Trails Society

Opportunities for amateur scientists to contribute to research in astronomy, astrobiology, and other natural sciences, presented by NASA Space Science News.

Statistical Reports on U.S. Science and Engineering 

Education of scientists and engineers, the science and engineering workforce, research and development expenditures and performance, science and technology outputs and impacts, and public attitudes on science.


Collection of information for scientists and researchers, including employment resources and career advice, protocols, message boards, and chat.


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