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TIPTOP: The Internet Pilot to Physics  

A unified physics resource promoting physics not only to scientists, but also to industry, schools, students, and anyone interested in physics and natural science.

AIP Physics News 

Searchable archive of the American Institute of Physics weekly bulletin.

Eric's Treasure Trove of Physics


Fizzics Fizzle 

Physics for all levels, from beginners to introductory college level.

Hypatia Institute, The 

Promoting gender equity in physics; featuring news, links, resources for women students, and a virtual maze to discover the "herstory" of science.

Laws List, The 

Rules, principles, effects, paradoxes, limits, constants, experiments, and thought-experiments arranged alphabetically.


Reference site takes an in-depth look at the physics of light, including sections on lasers, color, lenses, and more. In Polish and English.

Mathematical Physics Preprint Archive mp_arc


NASA Astrophysics Data System 

Abstracts on astrophysics, astronomy, instrumentation, geophysics, and physics. Plus the Los Alamos preprint server, articles, and catalogs.

New Scientist's Guide to the Quantum World



A powerful WWW-based scientific data retrieval and visualization system for accessing which consist of 1-hour-resolution "near-Earth" solar wind magnetic field and plasma data, energetic proton fluxes (1-60 MeV),

Physical Reference Data 

Includes physical constants, and other data on spectroscopy, ionizing radiation and dosimetry, nuclear and condensed matter physics, and more.

Physics 2000 

An interactive journey through modern physics.

Physics Factory, The 

Help and advice for students of UK Physics syllabuses at both GCSE and A Level.

Physics News 

News and information related to physics.

Physics Of... 

The physics of various topics of everyday life.

Physics/Astronomy Applets 

Interactive Java curriculum modules from the University of Oregon Physics department. Topics include mechanics, energy, thermodynamics, and astrophysics.


Contains jobs, reference, societies, journals, history of physics, new theories, ask experts, jokes, cartoons and more.

Science Toys 

Toys for kids that demonstrate scientific principles. Heat engines, radios, motors and more.

Sciences Explorer, The 

Resources and tools for science, including an interactive periodic table of elements and calculators.

Shade Tree Physics 

Articles on Newtonian physics applied to astronomy and cosmology. Emphasis on works of Walter Ritz. Smattering of articles on Velikovsky.

Stephen Hawking's Universe 

Explores such questions as,"where do we come from? How did the universe begin? Why is the universe the way it is? How will it end?"

Trinity College Dublin


Visual Physics 

Tool for physics students and teachers which integrates Internet resources while learning the science.


Information on physics, mostly German but with international links. Things of public interest are covered in detail.

FAQ - Physics


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