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Bangladeshi Sites


Bangladesh Environment Network


Other Sites


Aberdeen Eco-News


Includes information on the Biosphere projects.

Colorado Outdoor Education Center@


Eco-Home Network

Everything you need to know to build an eco-home. Extensive bookstore with info on sustainable living.

Ecology Channel


Ecology in Panama 

Conservation efforts, academic programs, pictures, and details about protected areas.

EcoNews Africa 

An NGO initiative that analyses global environment and development issues from an African perspective and reports on local, national, and regional activities that contribute to global solutions.

Encyclopedia of Gap Analysis 

A national program with a proactive approach to managing biodiversity. It"s products include maps of vegetation, vertibrate distribution, land ownership, and management level.


Web site for our planet, Earth, to increase awareness of the environment.

Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) 

A comprehensive source of information about Earth science, environmental, climate, and global change data holdings available to the scientific community throughout the world.

Green Map System 

Local-to-global collaboration to chart the ecologically significant places in cities around the globe.

Handbook for a Better Future


Ice Age Paleoecology 

Quaternary paleoecology: the study of past ecosystems and environments during the time of ice ages.

Illinois Natural History@


John Denver Memorial Scholarship in Tropical Ecology 

For graduate research.

Long-Term Ecological Research Network (LTER)


Man and the Biosphere Species Databases (MAB) 

Developing databases of vascular plant and vertebrate animal occurrences on the world's biosphere reserves and other protected areas.

Marine Ecology 

Introduction to the concepts of the science dealing with the challenges and strategies for survival and reproduction in marine organisms and communities.

Pacific Discovery Magazine 

Science and natural history magazine published by the California Academy of Sciences.

Patterns and Processes of Change in the Amazon Basin 

An interdisciplinary science of NASA's Earth Observing System

Planet Earth 

Interactive learning activities for students and teachers on ecology and the environment.

Population Ecology 

Links to resources in Population Ecology: models, data on line, lecture courses, organizations, people, journals, etc.

Primary Production In Streams and Rivers 

River morphology and continuous estimation of primary production of phytoplankton, microphytobenthos, or macrophytes in streams and rivers based on diurnal changes of the water oxygen concentration. In English and German.

Principles of Ecology 

Biology 205 at Old Dominion University.

Restoring Algal Communities (Fucus vesiculosus) 

Project on restoring destroyed macroalgal communities in coastal areas of the Baltic Sea.

Signs, Seasons, and Stories; Nature Close to Home 

A collection of stories and upcoming naturalist events for James Ratzloff, volunteer naturalist in the beautiful state of Colorado.

SpORE (Spatially Oriented Research in Ecology) 

Guide to some of the spatially oriented research (biogeography, spatially explicit modelling, landscape ecology, spatial analysis, geostatistics, population genetics, etc...)available on the Web.

Tropical Ecology Web Site 

Offered as a corrective to some of the worst 'myths' about tropical rain forests, savannas, global warming, biodiversity, and related ecological issues.

Usenet - sci.bio.conservation


Usenet - sci.bio.ecology


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