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Computer Science Undergraduate Tutor Service 

Submit a general outline of the problem you are having, and receive a guideline as to what your solution should entail and where, if applicable, to look for further information.


Special-purpose search engine covering computer science research papers.

DIMUND Document Image Understanding Information Server 

Research announcements, bibliographies, mailing lists, source code, technical reports, database information, and internet resources for document understanding, character recogntion and some related domains such as information retrieval.(status:down)

Global Informing Science Education 

Provides resources for professors and trainers to help improve the quality and content of IS education throughout the world.

Guide to Engineering and Computer Science 

Helpful information on pursuing a career in engineering or computer science to encourage people to enter the profession.

Hypatia Library 

Directory of research workers in pure mathematics and computer science, and a library of their papers.

Scientific American: Sizing Up Software 

Experts disagree about the best way to describe how "big" a software-writing project will be or how long it will take to debug it. An approach of identifying "function points" is catching on.

Stanford University - Mathematical and Computer Sciences Library


Theoretical Computer Science on the Web


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