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American Chemical Society ChemCenter
Chemistry resources and information for the professional researcher or those with a general interest.

Center for Chemical Education, Miami University 

Find out more about exciting initiatives in science education.


Chemical Backgrounders 

Descriptions, chemical properties, health effects, economics, and regulations for various hazardous chemicals.


Chemical Patents Plus 

Free searching of full text U.S. patent documents from 1971, with complete patent page images from 1993, and many JAVA-rotateable 3D chemical structures, from CAS.


Chemistry & Environmental Dictionary 

Provides definitions for technical terms and acronyms, and related articles.


Chemistry Central 

Information on various topics like chemical bonding, atomic structure etc.


Chemistry public talks 

A collection of chemistry research colloquia delivered in public and available on-line as WWW slide shows


Chemistry Resources 

Science and chemistry resource site compiled for students at advanced secondary level.


Chemistry Resources for Teachers


Chemistry Textbooks in Print Archive


Chemistry Tutor


ChemScope Daily News Magazine 

Complete daily biotechnology, medical device, pharmaceutical magazine - news, FDA updates, jobs, suppliers, products.



Source of general chemistry information for high school and college students.



An interactive guide to chemistry.


Construction Resin 

Looks at different types and their uses in construction.


CSUS ECS Chemical Hygiene Plan


Cyber Chemistry  

Contains information and links for students, teachers, and researchers.


Elemental Discoveries 

Tracking some of the discoveries and controversies at the forefront of chemistry.


General Chemistry I 

College chemistry tutorial including practice homeworks and exams.


Global Instructional Chemistry 

A forum for collecting and exchanging useful information for teaching chemistry


Hazardous Chemical Database 

Searchable database of over 1300 hazardous chemicals. Includes names, synonyms, formula, physical data, NFPA ratings, DOT guides and registry numbers.


Hydrogen Atom Wavefunctions in VRML


Hyperactive Molecules


Hyperactive Molecules and the WWW 

A Scientific paper published in the J. Chem. Soc., Perkin Trans 2, 1995, page 7 on chemical applications of the WWW


International Olympiad of Chemistry


IRC Semiconductors 

Research in the areas of optoelectronic and advanced electronic devices for current and future applications in communications, computing and microwave systems.


Literature Searching - Manual and Computer-Aided 

Using the chemical literature - primary and secondary sources, abstracts, and online searching.


Making Matter 

Illustrates the 3D structures of inorganic materials.


Mark's Chemistry tutor A tutorial for freshman (general) chemistry.


MATHMOL - Modules 

Tutorials on using MATHMOL for learning about molecules.


Molecular Modelling - An Introduction 

A brief introduction to the field of molecular modelling is presented.


Molecule of the Fortnight


NIU Chemistry 

Conference announcements, academic chemistry employment clearinghouse, conference listings, chemistry software, etc.


Oxygen Chemistry


Postdocs in P-Chem 

For those looking for postdoctoral research opportunites


Representation Models in Molecular Graphics


Sciences Explorer, The 

Resources and tools for science, including an interactive periodic table of elements and calculators.


Semiconductors by a Method of Microwave Photoconductivity 

The method used is the Advanced Method of Transient Microwave Photoconductivity.


Separations Science for Environmental Remediation 

Material related to heavy metal chelation from wastewater or jet fuel and the separation of oil from bilge water.


Silicon Graphics - Chemistry & Biological Sciences


Technical Thermochemistry


Theory of Atoms in Molecules 

Quantifies and provides the physical understanding of existing concepts of chemistry, and makes possible new applications of theory.


Virtual Scrapyard 

Site dedicated to the exchange of items and information relating to instructional equipment for chemistry.


Wired Chemist, The 

A collection of chemistry resources, including problems for general and organic chemistry, and NMR and crystallographic resources.


World Chemistry  

Outstanding resources including interactive tutorials with animations, a quick reference guide to chemical terms, FAQs, interactive molecular models, VRML periodic tables, and a chat room.


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