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M.I.T. Biology Hypertextbook
Introductory resource including information on chemistry, biochemistry, genetics, cell and molecular biology, and immunology.

Biologist's Control Panel 

Many biology databases, library and literature links.


Includes the chemistry of biology, how the world of biology is studied, and cell structure and function.


A set of electronic communication forums - the bionet USENET newsgroups and parallel e-mail lists  used by biological scientists worldwide.

Experimental Medicine Internet Resources

Directory of useful links to biological sciences information.

Life in the Universe 

Links to scientific websites as well as information relating to Stephen Hawking's "Life in the Universe" CD-ROM.

NASA Life Sciences Data Archive 

Provides a description of every life sciences experiment performed in space during the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Shuttle, and NASA-Mir programs.

Online Biology Book

Large amount of information including an extensive glossary.

Sciences Explorer, The 

Resources and tools for science, including an interactive periodic table of elements and calculators.

Search in the Biology Web Servers 

This server searches pages referenced by the Pasteur Institute Web server in its biology "pointers" pages, "Molecular Biology on the Web." In English and French.


An online showcase for academic projects created by University of Arizona students in the fields of biochemistry, genetics, neurobiology, microbiology, and immunology.

U.S. Department of the Interior - USGS Biological Resources Division@


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