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Aladin Java: A Sky Atlas

An interactive atlas allowing the viewer to visualize digitized images, superimpose entries from astronomical catalogs, and access data from databases.


Service of the Swiss Astronomical Society.

Astronomy and Astrophysics at NSSDC


Astronomy for Kids 

Astronomy site specifically designed for kids and their parents.

Astronomy HyperText Book


Astronomy In Your Face 

Space pictures, movies, animations, links, and more.

Astronomy Interactive Network 

Detailed information about radio, optical, physics and the history of astronomy; with games, pictures, quizzes, glossary, timeline, links, and message boards.

Astronomy On-Line 

The world's biggest astronomy event on the Web. Groups from around the world experience the excitement of real-time scientific adventure and the virtues of international collaboration.

Astronomy Sight, The


Astronomy Thesaurus 

Astronomy terms in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian; all terms cross referenced.

Bad Astronomy 

Righting wrong ideas.

Beyond Our Skies: Discovering the Cosmos 

ThinkQuest project presenting the history and basics of astronomy.

Canadian Astronomy Data Centre 

Distribution center for observatory archives, catalogues, and more.

Hands On Universe 

Enables students to investigate the Universe while applying tools and concepts from science, math, and technology.


Astronomy links and some of our own CCD images

Information Center for New Star Gazers 

A beginners guide to astronomy as a hobby.

Journey into the Heavens 

Astronomy guide presenting information about our solar system, constellations, the evolution of the universe, space missions, astronomers, and more.

Life in the Universe 

Links to scientific websites as well as information relating to Stephen Hawking's "Life in the Universe" CD-ROM.

Messages from Outer Space 

Tour the Moon, Meteorites, and Solar System Gallery at the National Museum of Natural History. Includes many educational activities and resources.

Munich Astronomical Archive 

Data on astronomical objects.

NASA Astrophysics Data System 

Abstracts on astrophysics, astronomy, instrumentation, geophysics, and physics. Plus the Los Alamos preprint server, articles, and catalogs.

Online Planetarium Show 

Educational site about the discoveries of the Hubble Space Telescope, historical astronomers, mythology, and light pollution.


Presents weekly geological, astronomical, meteorological, biological, and environmental news from around the globe, plus Internet activities and links to science resources.

Science for the Millennium 

Online expo focusing chiefly on astronomy and astrophysics, advanced computation, and virtual environments.

Sea and Sky 

Explore the splendors of the sea and the wonders of the universe through information, images, sounds, links, and interactive games.


Brings together basic data, cross-identifications, observational measurements, and bibliography, for celestial objects outside the solar system: stars, galaxies, and nonstellar objects within our galaxy, or in external galaxies.


Star Journey 

Journey through the stars with National Geographic. Includes a Star Chart with overlays of images from the Hubble Telescope.

Stellar Neigborhood in VRML 

Thrilling 3-D ride through interstellar space within 25 parsec of the sun. Database contains nearly 3000 stars.

Tonight's Sky 

Designed to guide your eye to something you can see that night, or the next morning before dawn.

Tour the Cosmos 

 multimedia foray into the mysteries of the universe.

Web Window to the Invisible Universe 

A view into the invisible universe as seen through two of the world's largest radio telescopes.

Why Is the Sky Dark at Night? 

Colorful Java applets guide you through the fascinating physics problem.

FAQ - sci.astro 

Sci.astro is a newsgroup devoted to the science of astronomy. Its content ranges from the Earth to the farthest reaches of the Universe.


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