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Exhibits, biographies, and resources on anthropology and archaeology.



The applied anthropology computer network.


Anthropological Multimedia

An experiment in evolving document structure and multi-authorship. Discussion of the place for multimedia within teaching and research.


Anthropology in the News

Contains links to recent articles from various sources about topics of interest to anthropologists and archaeologists.


Applied Anthropology Computer Network


Classics of Out(land)ish Anthropology

Reviews of websites that violate basic anthropological thinking.


Development of Western Civilization


Dung File, The

References dealing with pollen, parasites, and plant remains in coprolites and latrine fills from archaeological and palaeoenvironmental sites.


Paleolithic Diet Page


Palomar College: Anthropology

Resources include definitions, links and illustrated tutorials on a variety of cultural and physical anthropology topics.


University of Missouri Phytolith Page 

Presents diagnostic phytoliths (silica bodies that help identify plants in archaeological contexts) from the flora of Ecuador. Includes a database of images.


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