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City Farmer's Urban Agriculture Notes 

Non-profit society promotes urban food production and environmental conservation.


Pro Farmer Online 

Agricultural news, USDA reports calendar, links, interactive forums, and more.


@griculture Online 

News and interactive features for farmers and other agriculturalists.



Informs consumers and voters about the value and importance of the agriculture industry in Washington State and promotes its positive aspects.


AgNews from The Texas A&M University Agriculture Program

Features news and public affairs information.


AgNIC (Agriculture Network Information Center)

A virtual information center on a distributed network that facilitates access to quality agriculture-related information on the Internet.



Information service on agriculture, nature protection and enviromarketing in Germany and Europe. Includes free email news delivery.


Agricultural Information Systems Information Service

AISIS provides online access to agricultural information generated by the European Commissions Montoring Agriculture through Remote Sensing (MARS) project.


Agrinet International

Information rescoure for farmers around the world.



Your cyberstop for Texas A&M information on gardening, agriculture, environment, and family living.


Australian Agricultural Resource Centre 

Links to agriculture sites, field day reports, gov't links, research and related links.


Beyond Discovery: Designer Seeds 

Farmers are now beginning to have at their disposal crop seeds that are genetically endowed not only to resist damage from insects, but also to be resistant to herbicides.



Canadian Agriculture, Farm and Food: Extension Information Network and Exchange.


California Heartland

A weekly television series spotlighting the farms and ranches of California and the people who make the state the leading agricultural producer in the nation.


Canadagriculture Online


Dakota Farming Connection

Collection of sites that are important and informational to farmers and other agriculturally-related people in South Dakota and other midwestern states.


EnviroPlants Research

Research-based information related to the technical and economical efficiencies of producing, marketing, and managing environmental plants.


Extension Bookshelf

From Mississippi State University.



Farm and rural members community featuring message boards, chat rooms, networking, news, and editorials on farming, country life, and more.



Includes news, commodity prices, rural goods, and more.


Fertile Crescent 

Independent, non-partisan home page.


Florida Agricultural Information Retrieval System (FAIRS) 

Institute of food and agricultural sciences at the University of Florida.



Information about grazing and grass-based farming systems from the American Farmland Trust.


Homecoming... Sometimes I am Haunted by Memories of Red Dirt and Clay

The story of African-American land loss and a chronicle of black farmers from the Civil War to the present.



Facts on crops, potential crops and plant products, newsletters, annoucments, training programs, newcrops listserv, newcrops library, and research news.


Ontario Agriculture 

The online resource for agriculture in Ontario.


Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs - Agriculture

Information on crops, livestock, engineering, business development and environmental sustainability.


Oregon Small Farms

Provides information for small farmers on crops, livestock, direct marketing, sustainable agriculture and more.



Gopher menus providing full-text information relating to the agricultural sciences, human nutrition, aging, family, community development and consumer issues.


Small Farm Resource



Database concerning agricultural research projects in Africa and the Netherlands CGIAR liaison, with information on center activities.


University of Nebraska Publications Catalog

Extensive collection of online publications covering a wide variety of agricultural topics.


Vegetable Bytes 

An online newsletter for anyone else interested in vegetable and row crop production.


West African Vegetables 

Information on commonly grown West African vegetables, including scientific names, production techniques and common uses.


World Agricultural Information Centre (WAICENT) 

UN project providing governments, universities and private users with access to the FAO's library of information on agriculture, forestry, nutrition and rural development.


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