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Just Move
Physical fitness news, forums, exercise diaries, getting started tips, and more from the American Heart Association.

Shape Up America
Provides latest information about safe weight management and physical fitness by Dr. C. Everett Koop.

Customized training programs, personalized email, athletic tips, and race events listings.

Ask the Personal Trainer
Open forum on fitness, hosted by Jack Dixon.

Benny Goodsport
Interactive site features Benny and the Goodsport Gang teaching kids that healthy living and fitness is fun.

Billy Blanks Web Community
Includes a biography, tour information, and more.

Bodies in Motion... Minds at Rest
Get in shape both physically and mentally.

Links to fitness information, events, music samples, products, and chat room.

Dr. Gabe Mirkin on Health and Fitness
Medical research from the author of "The Sportsmedicine Book," with low-fat, high-fiber recipes from his latest book, "Fat-Free, Flavor-Full"

Diet, fitness, and health information.

Fitness Online
Brings you continually updated features on nutrition, training, health, fitness, and more.

Offers the latest in health and fitness information; exercise motivation, nutrition, weight management, and more.

Offers fitness webcasts. Find fitness tips on fat loss, building muscle, increasing energy and more.

Gift Of Youth, The
Gypsy Claybourne started lifting weights and kickboxing when she was fifty. She shares her experiences and advice with other women.

Guide to Fitness Testing
Rob Wood provides a list of fitness tests and instructions on how to use them.

Creates personalized workouts and diet programs and provides information from fitness experts, daily articles, animated exercise demos, tips, and more.

Health & Fitness Tips
Specializing in health and fitness information including weight loss, diet, and nutrition.

Health & Fitness Worldguide
Online magazine for Health & Fitness: Features include, strength training, cardiovascular exercise and nutrition.

Healthy At Any Size Series
Why more and more experts say that when it comes to your health, it's fitness -- not fatness -- that counts.

Internet's Fitness Resource

Java Gym
An interactive demo based on a Body Mass Index (BMI) formula that takes body fat content into account in finding ideal weight.

Kendall Jackman's Fitness Page
Basic fitness information in layman's terms, includes advice on setting up your own excersize program, links and personal excersize log.

New Zealand Fitness Home Page

NFPT Personal Fitness Trainer Certification
Offers personal fitness trainer certification.

Proposal for an adventure sports club which incorporates several outdoor activities under one dome.

Peak Performance
By professionals for professionals. Topics cover health and fitness in sport and daily life.

Offers original material as well as health-related content adapted from magazines like Vogue, Glamour, Mademoiselle, SELF and Allure.

Project Aces
On Wednesday, May 5, 1999, children from all over the world will exercise together.

Fitness tips, comments, articles, and training aids, plus, great links and a growing glossary of terms and principles.

Tips on Fitness
Also gymnastics, fatloss, supplements, nutrition, exercise, flexibility, martial arts and positive mental focus/health.

Total Fitness Resource
Offering illustrated workouts, quick time videos, nutrition information, a photo gallery, links, and more.

Ultimate Aerobic Fitness Program Outlines a fitness program. Also offers information on aerobic exercise, nutrition, and more.

Video Fitness Consumer Guide Contains reviews of exercise videos submitted by consumer reviewers.

Williams, Eric
State-champ runner gives you pointers and advice on getting into shape.

World Fitness
Free answers from personal trainers and exercise experts, free photo album, Bobbie's bodacious abs, and more.

Usenet - alt.support.diet
Seeking enlightenment through weight loss.

Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery
Ask Dr. Zeman: International Sports Doctor provides e-mail medical advice; rehabilitation and orthopedic information.

Sports Medicine
Offering web services to practitioners of all sorts involved in sports medicine.

American College of Sports Medicine
Promotes and integrates scientific research, education, and practical applications of sports medicine and exercise science.

Sports Medicine
By Ivanhoe Broadcast News, reports on the latest sports medicine news. Special emphasis on training techniques and avoiding injury.

Wenatchee High School Sports Medicine
Fitness, medicine, health care, and related information.

New Zealand Sports Medicine
For health professionals, includes articles, chat, and links.

Stebbins Sports Medicine
Visit our program and let us show you our medical links.

Careers in Sports Medicine
Talk about how to prepare for a career in sports medicine and explore the various opportunities in this field.

Sports Medicine
By Ivanhoe Broadcast News, reports on the latest sports medicine news. Special emphasis on training techniques and avoiding injury.

American Sports Medicine Institute
Improve the understanding, prevention, and treatment of sports-related injuries through research and education.

Institute for Preventative Sports Medicine (IPSM)
Dedicated to the prevention of sports-related injuries and health care cost containment.

Sports and Exercise Medicine Institute (SEMI)
Offers sport medicine consultation, nutrition and exercise programs, physiotherapy, and more.

American Canine Sports Medicine Association
Veterinarians devoted to address the medical and surgical problems encountered in the canine athlete and the working breeds.

Canine Sports Medicine Update
Newsletter devoted to the care of athletic and working dogs.

McPhail Dressage Chair in Equine Sports Medicine
Current research and topics related to dressage and sport horses.

Computer Sports Medicine, Inc.
Providers of HUMAC computer upgrade for isokinetic machines, used machines for sale, sportsware injury tracking software, and physiovideo custom exercise software and videos.

American Canine Sports Medicine Association
Veterinarians devoted to address the medical and surgical problems encountered in the canine athlete and the working breeds.

American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine [sportsmed.]
An association of orthopaedic surgeons and allied health professionals.

Specializes in sports medicine, physiotherapy, exercise physiology, fitness management, and more.

Midwest Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Surgical Specialists Ltd.
Specializing in the treatment of sports injuries, reconstructive surgery, cartilage transplantation, arthroscopic surgery, joint replacement, and arthritis treatment.

Boulder Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
Providing physical therapy and sports medicine rehabilitation for ACL, rotator cuff, and many other orthopedic injuries.

South Nassau Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine
With an emphasis on sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery.

Health Promotion and Sports Medicine
Division of health promotion and sports medicine.

Texas Sports Medicine Group
Four man medical practice specializing in orthopedic surgery, sports medicine, and rehabilitation.

Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine Specialists
Specializing in orthopaedic surgery, sports medicine, knee and hip replacement, MRI, and more.


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