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Pure Protein Diet 

Includes a program and diet supplement for a low carbohydrate lifestyle.

Slim & Trim Diet
Eaching diet and weight loss classes.

Catabolic Diet

Cookie Diet
Healthy meal replacement plan.

Diet Results
Sells diet packs to curb cravings.

Absolute Diet
French nutritionist Celine will send you a personalized diet adapted to your life style.

Nutrition and Diet Services
Develops nutrition fact labels, recipe analysis for publications, menu analysis for facilities, and diet analysis for counseling and research projects.

Smartest Diet
Natural diet program allowing you to eat what you want when you want.

Discussion board about feeding your pet a raw diet.

Anti-Diet Approach
If you think diet is a four-letter word but you'd still like to trim down, this chat's for you.

RHS Diet World
Offers a variety of weight loss products, diet and sleep aids, and stimulants

Atkins Diet Page
Includes FAQ and mailing list details for this low-carbohydrate diet.

3 Fat Chicks on a Diet
3 fat sisters share their dieting experiences by providing recipes, tips, diet food and book reviews, progress reports, and more.

Secrets of the French Diet
Dietary information and recipes from France, including recipes contributed by some Michelin-Star rated chefs.

Diet Expert
Includes nutritional assessment and planning, weight loss schedule, recipes and more.

Cleveland Clinic Renal Diet Cookbooks
Also includes a special book for diabetics.

Diet for Ulcerative Colitis

Diet Magic Now
Offers basic, advanced, and total weight loss programs, including products in tablet and liquid form, and an invitation to start your own business.

Hacker's Diet, The
How to lose weight and hair through stress and poor nutrition.

International Food and Information Council (IFIC)
Guides and information on nutrition.

You Are What You Eat: A Guide to Good Nutrition
Interactive guide to nutrition which includes nutritional information customized to your needs and a database of foods to help you plan a healthy lifestyle.

5 A Day for Better Health
Providing professionals and consumers information on the program, nutrition, health promotion, and scientific research on fruits and vegetables, with recipes, materials, and industry links.

Arbor Nutrition Guide
Comprehensive guide to nutrition resources on the Internet, particularly clinical nutrition and resources suited to health professionals.

Arizona Dietetic Project
Designed with the dietetic professional in mind but appropriate for the general public as well.

Austin Nutritional Research Guides (4)

Basal Metabolism
Calculates metabolism, based on individual criteria such as height, weight, activity rate and returns your personal recommended grams of fat, carbohydrate and protein.

Blonz Guide to Nutrition
Source selections by nutritionist/syndicated columnist.

Bush Group, The
Nutrition, alternative health, free information, great links, free stuff, find out what part nutrition can play in the prevention and cure of disease.

C for Yourself
Information on the health benefits of vitamin C.

Celiac Pages
How to cook completely gluten-free for celiacs and others who need this diet

Chromium Information Bureau
Independent information resource for nutrition researchers, health care providers, media and interested members of the public on the role of chromium in nutrition.

Clinical Pearls
A health letter focused on the latest medical studies on nutrition, preventive care and lifestyle modifications and their role in treating diseases.

Answer all your questions about adopting a healthy lifestyle which includes a do-it-yourself nutritional profile to let you calculate your ideal body weight.

Danone World Newsletter
Current findings regarding the benefits of yogurt and fermented milks in nutrition and health. In English and French.

Delicious Decisions
By the American Heart Association. Offers healthy eating tips and suggestions.

Dietary Supplements
An advertising guide for the industry.

Integrates a web community with a personal nutrition and exercise diary. Enrollment is free.

Fresh Starts
BASF's nutrition resource for kids, teachers and parents featuring vitamin superheroes Team Antioxidant, an interactive fridge, online games, recipes and lesson plans.

Healthy Body Calculator

Healthy Fridge
heart-healthy eating made fun and easy. Facts you should know about heart disease, healthy fridge tips, recipes and unique contests for kids and adults.

Kids Food CyberClub
Nutrition education site for kids which includes a free and downloadable Teacher's Guide with detailed lesson plans.

LinaWay Nutrition Guide
Articles, news, content, and more.

Magnesium Deficiency, Heart Disease, and Bottled Water
Criteria for rating bottled water by mineral content. Research and articles.

Offering health and nutrition answers on cholesterol, high blood pressure, and more.

Features news, tips, and information on nutrition and fitness.

Natural Nutrition
Holistic health articles, monthly recipes, and health product reviews.

NCI/CDC 5 a Day Online Tracking Chart
Analyzes health habits and provides personalized health tips. Developed by the National Cancer Institute and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

New Century Nutrition Online
Newsletter containing articles, research, recipes, links to other sites and current news.

Nutrition Action Healthletter

Nutrition Explorations
Nutrition information for teachers/school foodservice professionals and families.

Nutrition for a Living Planet
Guide to food, nutrition, diet and health.

Nutrition Strategies
Info on nutrition and health. Weekly updates and tips for weight loss. Dr. Art Ulene is known as America's most trusted doctor.

Nutrition, Health and Heart Disease
Contains information about supplements, foods, heart disease, and general health.

With news, articles, and previews of health products.

Offers original material as well as health-related content adapted from magazines like Vogue, Glamour, Mademoiselle, SELF and Allure.

ThriveOnline: Nutrition
Resource containing dietitian's advice, low-fat recipes, weight loss information, a vitamin guide, heart-healthy cooking tips, news, chats, and menu plans.

Top of the Onion
Dedicated to healthier eating. Includes recipes, medical expert information, and tips on shopping for healthier foods.

Trans Fat Info
Provides some of the latest information regarding the health effects of trans fatty acids.

Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter
Sample articles from recent issues, subscription information, table of contents for the past year, and forms to order back issues.

United Nations - ACC Sub-Committee on Nutrition
Serves as the focal point for policies and activities on nutrition in the United Nations system.

Wheat Foods Council
Your source for news and tips on how and why to enjoy more grain foods for better health.

Yogurt Forever
Information promoting the health benefits of yogurt; (in Italian).


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