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Poachers kill two tigers in northern India

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March 1, 2001 


LUCKNOW-(AP) - Two tigers have been killed in separate attacks by poachers this week in a northern Indian state, officials said Wednesday.

The carcass of a beheaded and skinned tiger was recovered Tuesday in the hilly Kakraha range in Uttar Pradesh state in an area bordering Nepal, said forest official R. N. Jha.

On Monday, forest guards recovered a tiger carcass in the hilly region of Matera, 400 kilometers southeast of New Delhi, outside a wildlife reserve.

"The carcass of the skinned animal, without nails, was recovered by the guards ... just outside the park premises," said Rupak Dey, director of the Dudhwa National Park. A young tiger was found dead in the area on Dec. 31.

Uttar Pradesh, India's most populous state, has approximately 200 tigers.

"The inability of the forest department to provide livestock in the jungle has forced the wild cats to come out in unprotected areas for food, risking their lives," said wildlife activist Dr. Rahul Shukla. "Massive patrolling and a total ban on encroachment would help the tigers to survive."

According to National Geographic Society estimates, half the world's 5,000 to 7,000 tigers live in India. They are under threat of extinction due to indiscriminate poaching for their skin and body parts.

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