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What is Bangla2000 Matrimonial?


Bangla2000 matrimonial is a web based facilitator to help you find your life partner. You can post your advertisements, manage your profile, search through other ads and find prospective brides or grooms for you.


How to post your advertisement ?


You may post an advertisement for yourself or for someone else. Every matrimonial page has a hyperlink named post your ad on the header. You will have to fill out a form containing information about your advertisement. Before posting an ad, you must log in as a registered member of bangla2000. If you are not a registered member you need to sign up for registration first. In the advertisement form, you must provide information about

  • age,

  • gender, and

  • contact information

What is the reference name ?


Reference name and password identifies your portfolio uniquely. You must provide a reference name and a password while creating your profile. The reference name has to be unique (you will not be allowed to use a name already given to some other ad).


What can I do with "My Matrimonial ?"


"My matrimonial" is a customized service only for yourself. You are required to enter your reference name and password to enter this section. Here you will be able to see all the replies posted against your add. You can then decide who you want to respond to. If you decide not to respond a reply, you can delete that entry. You will be allowed to keep up to twenty replies against your advertisement.


How safe is my data?


Your data is completely safe with Bangla2000 matrimonial. If you decide not to publish your contact information, no one will be able to contact you other than responding through our site. We have used the most secured database technology to keep your information secret. Only when someone knows your password, s/he will be able to access your data. Do not disclose your password to anyone. 


How do I search for my match?


You can search through the posted advertisements by going to search your desired person. Here, you can specify your preferences and retrieve the ads that matches your criteria. In my matrimonial, you also have two options for search namely: Find My Match and Find Who Likes Me. The first options searches through the database looking for profiles that match your preferences. Similarly, the second option finds the advertisements whose preferences match your profile.


If you have any other question or suggestion email to Bangla2000 Matrimonial.


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