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Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh


Like other political parties Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh is not a merely political party with the aim of ruling the country or ascending power. The main objective of Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh is to establish a complete equitable and well-rounded social order in the world on the basis of the Quran and Sunnah uprooting all sorts of man's oppression over man including the oppressed from the world through introducing the law of Allah on His earth. Bangladesh is our beloved birthland. She is 1,47,570 square kilometer in area. Her 130 million people are now living in abject poverty, deprivation, pecuniary distress and frustration. Exploitation of the colonial regime, the governments' misrule, corruption, persecution and plundering in the recent period pushed Bangladesh, burdened with over population but limited wealth, towards excessive misfortune. Today Bangladesh is one of the under developed countries of the world. At present Bangladesh is also being recognized as number one corrupt country of the world. Characteristic geologistic and environmental situation, perennial natural calamity, flood, drought, cyclone, tempest, destruction of forest, loss of harvest have made the people of this country more distressed and dependent on others. Not only that in consequence of failure and misrule of the vested political quarter who is incompetent, ineffective, selfish and greedy, economy, foreign policy even interior administrative system of the country are largely dependent on others as well. Economy of Bangladesh is completely hostage in the hands of International organizations like The World Bank, ADB and IMF etc. A section of NGOs backed by foreign donor agencies which are ready to sell out the whole existence of the nation including independence, sovereignty, culture and heritage of Bangladesh to their masters, have now spread their conspiratorial network in every nook and corner of the country. In the meantime, these NGOs have emerged as new East India Company under the garb of relief and missionary organizations. They are gradually going to control economy, education system and information media of Bangladesh.

Despite its various limitation Bangladesh, small in size, may be bearer of infinite potentiality of prosperity due to its own culture, rich language, glorious history and tradition and above all characteristic geopolitical and strategic position. Bangladesh which has vast plain land with full of silt washed from the river and greenery may be one of the agricultural developed countries of the world for its vast fertile soil. Thousands of mile internal rivers, hundreds of square kilometre vast marshy land, long sea beach of Bangladesh manifest the possibility of its abundant fish resources. Hill and forest, varieties of wild animals, tribal tradition and folk culture, boundless exquisite sea sandy land and captivating green pollution-free rural cosmos of this country hint the prospect of a prosperous tourist industry. Bangladesh has a large conglomeration of known and unknown and discovered and undiscovered mineral gas under her soil which is one of mineral gas rich countries of the world. Not only that various mineral resources including extensive quantity of coal, limestone, hard rock, fuller's earth, heavy mineral materials have been discovered in Bangladesh. The Sundarban of this country having the most attractive Royal-Bengal Tiger, is the largest mangrove forest of the world. Inspite of having enormous potentialities of natural resources the condition, which prevails in Bangladesh today, should not be so. Bangladesh would be built up as a happy and prosperous and advanced model of trade and industry and modernity through proper management of infinite God-gifted wealth and successful and rightful governance and sense of direction by country's politicians and policy makers.

Regardless of having endless prospect, the cardinal reason behind such poverty, backwardness and frustrated situation of Bangladesh lies in the existing politics, wrong and faulty policy and its use by the politicians of this country. To get rid of such misery and backwardness of the country and the nation steps will have to be taken to recast economy, education system and administration i.e. total political system of this country. In spite of bringing about revolutionery change in economy, politics and administration of the country, if directors and policy makers of these are not built up as honest and ideal and if the main political system of this country is not founded on an ideological basis, it will not be possible to implement any purpose and make it meaningful. To bring about a complete, permanent and meaningful freedom for the country and the nation Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh pines for  bringing a new dimension in politics of Bangladesh, presenting a different technique whose principal slogan is "We want the law of Allah, the rule of honest men." For, only Islam given by Allah Who is the Creator and Lord of the universe, our Master, Who revealed the holy Quran as our complete code of life and sent Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him) as guide for mankind, can ensure a complete solution to all problems of world citizenry including Bangladesh. For this reason Jamaat-e-Islami believes that only Islam which is the only chosen religion of Allah, and its implementation at individual, state and social levels is the panacea to all sorts of problems in Bangladesh. Simultaneously, Jamaat-e-Islami also believes that honest people who lead their life in the way directed by Allah's Code Al-Quran and shown by His Prophet (PBUH) are able to set up a balanced, humanist, exploitation-free and progressive society uprooting all sorts of persecutions, misrule, misery and poverty from Bangladesh through establishing a competent leadership in the true sense. Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh is an organization which is pledge-bound to hasten people's economic and social emancipation, cultural prosperity, preserve history and tradition and independence and sovereignty, wipe out repression on women and child bring about welfare and freedom of all people irrespective of caste, creed, colour, protect natural and human environment of the country and make it developed and implement all kinds of constructive, welfare-oriented and humanist steps. The Jamaat is an Islamic and socio-political organization to establish the law of Allah and the rule of honest men for implementing the above mentioned issues in this country through participating in politics of democratic elections. This organization does not have any interest to grab power hastily and by any means. Rather the Jamaat has been struggling in a systematic way as per its short and long term plan with a view to establishing Allah's Deen and freeing humanity. At present the Jamaat has been able to create Islamic resurgence in Bangladesh by its ceaseless, relentless, selfless and constitutional efforts for last 50 years. Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh has also been able to set up innumerable number of religious institutions, Mosques and Madrasahs, social welfare organizations, higher education institutions including school, college, madrasah in harmony with ideal and modernity, cultural centres, publishing of newspapers and compiling of Islamic literature in this country by its numerous dedicated and ideal leaders and workers. These have been playing great role in making an Islamic as well as progressive atmosphere enriched with human intellectuality in the country in a different way. Also in the conventional politics of Bangladesh the Jamaat has been able to introduce a distinct Islamic as well as ideological trend. Not only that it was Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh which first mooted the concept of Caretaker government which has been introduced in today's politics of Bangladesh.

Politics of Jamaat-e-Islami aims at implementing and approving those which Allah directed to approve and implement in the society through His prophet (PBUH) in His Quran and freeing individual, country and nation from those which He forbade. That is why Jamaat-e-Islami pines for setting up a corruption-free, happy, prosperous, independent and sovereign state and social order. To implement the above aim Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh shall support welfare and public-oriented and democratic principles and activities of all democracy-loving and patriotic forces and resist all activities which run counter to the interest of the country and nation and the Quran and Sunnah. The Jamaat believes that it is possible only for an elected government to achieve this goal with the support of the people.

Ahead of the above-mentioned policies Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh is announcing this election manifesto of the coming general election. The Jamaat is pledge-bound to relentlessly endeavour for implementing it inside and outside of the parliament.

Constitutional and legal reforms

Bangladesh shall be declared an Islamic Republic on the basis of Sovereignty of Almighty Allah. The Holy Quran and Sunnah will be the only source of all laws in the Republic. All repressive black laws like Special Powers Act and Public Safety Act shall be repealed in order to guarantee the people's fundamental rights. The judiciary shall be separated from the Executive in toto. Civil and criminal Procedure codes shall be suitably amended for ensuing easy and quick disposal of cases and in the interest of justice.

Administrative Reforms

An honest, able, responsible and accountable administration shall be built up so that people of the country can accept the officials and employees as friend of the country. Administrative reforms shall be undertaken so that governments service structure, rules and institutions are reorganised and reshaped to suit the requirements of an independent Islamic welfare State. Efficiency and qualification shall be considered as standard in respect of appointment of all officials and employees. Democratically elected local Government bodies shall be established and the administration shall be decentralized. Bureaucratic intricacy, masterly behaviour, nepotism, bribery and corruption shall be uprooted from all tiers of Administration with an iron hand.


In order to defend the great independence and sovereignty of Bangladesh and regional integrity a strong and effective Army shall be built up by making provision for modern weapons, technology and training. Priority and encouragement shall be given in respect of establishing defence related industries. Necessary modern weapons shall be collected for land, navy and air forces, Members of the Armed Forces shall be imbibed with the spirit of Jihad on the basis of Islamic ideology. All able- bodied citizens ranging from 18 to 45 years of age shall be under military and civil defensive training in order to defend the country.

Law and order and Terrorism

The rule of law shall be established in full force. The safety and security to the life, property and honour shall be ensured. Culprits irrespective of party affiliation however mighty shall be brought to book. All social  crimes such as terrorism, extortion, killing, dacoity, kidnapping, rape, oppression on women, hijacking, smuggling, drug business and trafficking shall be curbed with an iron hand. Necessary steps shall be taken to ensure that the innocent people do not fall victims to unnecessary harassment and punishment. Pay scales of the officers and employees serving under the law enforcing agencies shall be revised. They shall be given honourable salary and suitable accommodation shall be arranged for them. They shall be given necessary professional and moral training and fully equipped with modern equipment and requisite number of vehicles. In proportionate to the rising population the number of police stations and police out posts shall be increased.


Corruption is the main obstacle to economic development and progress. In order to eradicate corruption the Anti-Corruption Department shall be made stronger and independent. Rigid laws shall be enacted against corruption and exemplary punishment shall be metted out against the guilty person or persons.


Education sector shall be given highest importance. In order to free the nation from the curse of illiteracy all citizens shall have equal access to education. Primary education shall be made compulsory while Secondary and Higher education shall be made free of cost phasewise. Necessary steps shall be taken to minimise educational expenses. Sufficient  number of Schools, Madrasahs, Colleges and Universities shall be established for girls. Vocational education and necessary science-technology research shall be encouraged. The teachers of all educational institutions including Moktob, Madrasah, School, College shall be paid honourable salary under the preview of a separate Pay-scale and necessary training shall be imparted to them. For the spread of religions and general education sufficient number of primary Schools, Government Schools, Colleges and Madrasahs and Universities including one  Furkania Madrasah in every village shall be established. Kamil Madrasahs in every division shall be upgraded to Islamic university phasewise. Adult education shall be given priority. All arrangements shall be taken so that an atmosphere of all modern and advanced education including information technology, computer science at all levels of education and facilities could be created. Moral and ideological education shall be arranged at all levels.

Radio, Television and Mass media

Healthy and creative thinking shall be developed in literature, culture and mass Media. Moral based programms which are helpful for flourishing  the actual thinking and feeling of people and human qualities shall be publicised in all mass media including Radio, Television, Timely pay scale shall be introduced for journalists employed in newspapers, necessary steps shall be taken for implementing it and befitting training shall be given to them for enhencement  of their professional skill.

Economic Reforms

All steps shall be undertaken to make the country self-reliant economically. Basic needs of all citizens such as food, cloth, education, medicare and accommodation shall be ensured. The national economic system shall be reformed in the light of Islamic principles by abolishing usury from all economic tiers, 'Jakat' money collected from the rich shall be distributed among the poor in order to eradicate hunger, poverty and unemployment and all sort of persecutions. All-out arrangement shall be taken to fulfil Islamic rights. Initiative shall be taken to achieve economic development and growth through proper utilisation of land, labour, capital, raw materials and natural wealth. For protection and proper development of indigenous industries, compatible import policy shall be declared stopping hoarding, black-marketing, smuggling from all levels. Necessary steps shall be taken to make a market of exporting local goods and obstacles shall be removed in this regard . Necessary steps shall be taken to invest suitably the money remitted by the expatriate Bangladeshis, For boosting up the country's economy pragmatic economic relation shall be built up with other states including China, Mayanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Iran simultaneously.


 In order to turn agriculture, the highest important sector of the country, into a profitable vocation modern agricultural equipments, seeds, fertilizer, pesticides including subsidy irrespective of deserving cases shall be available. Effective measures shall be taken so that growers are assured of fair price for agricultural products. Interests on agricultural loan shall be exempted in full and interest-free-loan as well rural credit shall be made easily available to farmers. In order to enhance the income of farmers preservation of valuable fruits and vegetables including set up of country-wide agricultural industry shall be ensured for their commercial utilisation and exports. Fallow land coupled with abandoned streams, canals, rivers and rivulets and derelict ponds shall be re-excavated to make them cultivable. All possible steps shall be taken to protect crops from the ravages of floods, droughts, tidal forces and hilly torrents. For economic development agricultural afforestation, social afforestation and improved cultivation in respect of tea, rubber and fruits and vegetables shall be brought about in accordance with planned scientific method.

Industrial policy

Industrial units shall be set up in a planned way in different regions of the country at both government and private initiatives with a view to flourish industry, gain self-reliance and enhance export of industrial goods removing existing irregularities in industrial sector. Industrial unit except defence and important public sectors shall be brought under the public sector phase by phase and in this regard it will be observed that equitable rights of people and labourer and employees are not ignored. All able-bodied persons shall be imparted job-oriented training to build them up as auxiliary force for industrial promotion. For promotion of the government industry and expansion of its markets appropriate measures shall be taken. In this connection due wages and security of government labourers shall be observed. Necessary government aid shall be given in flourishing small and cottage industry. To make up the devastated loom industry, due interests of weavers loan will be reduced and further fresh interest free loan will be allocated and the lost glory of jute industry restored. Steps shall be taken to modernize, extend and develop leather, tea, sugar, salt and tourism industry. Modern greater patrol chemical industries, fertilizer factories, cement, food, fruits processing industry shall be built up by utilizing mineral and forest resources.

Commercial Policy

Befitting commercial policy shall be announced keeping extension of indigenous industry, enhancement of production of commodity and export development intact so that the existing commercial deficit with different countries can end and import and export trade can be easy and corruption-free. Special attention shall be given to the import of essential commodities and raw materials etc for production in commercial policy. Cooperation in respect of regional and international trade including export of unconventional commodities shall be further expanded particularly with the Muslim world.

Labour & Labour Policy

The labour policy of the country shall be reshaped in the light of Islamic Justice and recommendations of ILO conventions. In addition to bonus on profit of industrial and business undertakings policy of percentage of share of the workers in those ventures, shall be guaranteed. Lowest salary structure and disparity between salary and allowances for the male and female employees shall be narrowed down gradually. In this regard, training facilities for the employees in respective trade shall be ensured. Due compensation shall be paid to the employees injured or killed in accident while on duty. Arrangements for housing and medicare of low-paid employees and education of their children shall be guaranteed abolishing child labour from the country.

Communication system

The entire country shall be brought under an efficient transport network. Road communication shall be so developed as to establish inter-district, inter-thana, district to thana, thana to union and village level links and, to that end, roads, highways bridges, culverts and flyovers shall be constructed throughout the country. Particularly effective steps shall be taken to complete the construction of Padma and Rupsa bridges rapidly. The existing mismanagement and corruption in the communication and transport sector shall be done away with. Air and Railway services shall be developed as a profitable service organisations meant  for extending dedicated service to passengers. The river transport system shall be improved and modernised. Rigid law shall be enacted to resist river accident. River ports shall be reconstructed, property maintained and expanded and steps shall be taken to solve the existing slalemate in this regard. Proper steps shall be taken to improve the lot of all transport labourers including poor rickshapullers, babi-taxi drivers and ensure their security.

Water, Electricity and other Sources of Energy

Exploration and exploitation of abundant oil and gas resources shall be intensified  giving priority to national interest and needs. Power generation shall be increased in order to meet the ever-increasing demand of the agricultural and industrial sectors. Simultaneously vigorous efforts shall be made to free the country from the menace of loadshedding and corruption in the name of system loss, Electricity supply shall be gradually extended to all villages of Bangladesh in the shortest possible time. Steps shall be taken to ensure proper and planned utilisation of water resources. Proper and planned exploitation and utilisation of natural gas, mineral oil and coal shall be ensured. Attention shall be paid to the utilisation of energy resources and its trade protecting the future generation and country's interest.

Social Reforms and Religious life

Each and every Muslim citizens shall be orientated in unquestioned  faith in Islamic fundamentals, injunctions and moral values so that Muslim men and women could acquire knowledge about the fundamental teachings of Islam easily. All possible steps shall be taken to establish 'Salat' (prayers). Laws shall be enacted to stop anti-religious propaganda and punish those who make indecent remark to religion. Believers in other religions shall enjoy full freedom to practise their respective religions. Imam and Muazzins of all mosques across the country shall be given due remuneration phasewise.  Mosques shall be exempted from water and electricity bills. Effective programmes such as mosques based education, culture, health and development of environment shall be taken. Activities of Islamic Foundation shall be extended at all districts and upzilla levels of the country. Steps shall be taken to preace Islamic ideology through all press media including Radio, TV. Newspapers etc. Wine, gambling and all anti-social works, misdeeds etc from society shall be stopped with an iron hand.

Protection of Environment & Human Resource Development

Scientific measures shall be adopted for resisting environmental pollution, preserving ecological balance and improving the environment, creation of mass awareness and preservation of the animal-variety. Deforestation shall be checked with an iron hand.  Planned new forestation shall be encouraged and government favour shall be given in this regard. In order to develop human resources, extensive moral and vocational training shall be imparted simultaneously, at the same time all out assistance shall be extended for the flourishment of their latent talents. All possible assistance shall be provided to encourage illetrate and half-educated and disabled men in vocational education at a great extent with the aim of training them self-reliant. Various trade course and vocational training course shall be introduced at every upazilla and union levels.

Poverty-Alleviation and Social Security

Jakat System which is symbol of social security and prosperity shall be established as compulsory. 'Baitul Maal' (State Treasury) shall be built up by collecting Jakat and Usahr from the rich and well-to-do people of the society. The state shall provide regular help and allowance to the poor, disabled, blind, deaf, dumb, mentally and physically handicapped, old, infirm, beggar, urban homeless people, from 'Baitul Maal' with the objective of meeting their basic needs. Arrangements for education of people living in slum areas, poor and orphan children as well as their social rehabilitation shall be made.

Rural Development

Jamaat-e-Islami wants to carry all civic amenities and service and security to village. Keeping the majority population in the country in mind massive development of rural infrastructure shall be brought about. Education, medicare, job opportunity, recreation of the people, unemployed and half unemployed youths shall be under development programme. Rural housing project shall be started at the goverment expense and interest-free housing loan shall be advanced for the purpose. Electricity, gas and pure drinking water shall be supplied in rural areas phasewise. In a word, if Jamaat voted to power villages will be a new focal point of development.

Medicare and public health

Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh is pledge-bound to ensure government primary health and medicare facilities to the people including all poor and backward children, women, old free of cost. To ensure madicare facility, one of man's fundamental rights, a people oriental health policy including necessary plan shall be proclaimed. Effective steps shall be taken to prevent incidences epidemics and infections diseases, Adulteration of food and manufacture of spurious medicines shall be curbed with an iron hand. In proportionate to population standard of system of modern hospitals, dispensaries, clinics, charitable dispensaries, Ayurvedi, unani and Homoeo Hospitals in all parts of the country shall be improved. Special attention to people of rural areas shall be paid to medicare facilities for neglected people of rural areas. To create healthy environment for the people improved sewerge and drainage system and cleanliness drive shall be given due importence. Initiative to set up 'matri sadan' and child medical centre at every upazila and union level.

Development of Sports

All arrangenments for healthy entertainment and development of games and sports shall be made for physical and mental flourishing of all citizens. Stadium, playing grounds, swimming pools, parks including children's parks shall not only be maintained and developed but also be modernised. 'Facilities for better training of our sportsmen shall be provided in order that they are fully equipped to participate in the international competitions. Befilting steps shall be taken to flourish various games like cricket, football, swimming, shooting, hockey. 

Rehabilitation of freedom fighters

Because of partisan narrowness of a certain quarter those freedom fighters who are leading subhuman life, they shall be rehabilitated with due honour. Better treatment for crippled and sick freedom fighters shall be arranged.

Rights of Women and children

Women shall be provided with employment in accordance with their talent, qualifications and needs in order to establish the highest dignity and right of women given by Islam. Oppression on women everywhere shall be curbed with an iron hand. Full rights of women shall be preserved. Befitting steps shall be taken to rehabilitate distressed and shelterless women including helpess widows. Prostitution shall be abolished and necessary programmes for rehabilitation of the affected women shall be undertaken. In order to implement the slogan " first of all children" as per the declaration of the UN timely steps including stoppage of child labour, rehabilitation of floating children shall be taken in protecting rights of children.  All kinds of repression on women and children including Acid throwing, abhorrant dowry system shall be curbed with an iron hand. Effective steps shall be taken to provide due honour upon the women and protection of their rights. The number of reserved women seat in the parliament shall be increased.

Right of non Muslim Citizens

All people irrespective of caste, creed, religion shall enjoy equal civic amenities in respect of citizen's right. Life, property, and honour of non-Muslim population, their religious freedom as well as their civic and legal rights shall be protected. All-out welfare and development of the scheduled caste shall be brought about. Seperate identity of the tribal population alongwith other non-Muslim communities shall be duly respected. As regards education and employment they will receive all kinds of facilities and protection.

Foriegn Policy

Foreign policy of Jamaat-e-Islami on the basis of this principle "Friendship with all, malice to none" shall be pursued. Friendly relations with all countries in the world including neighbouring countries shall be established giving priority to the independence, sovereignty and geographical identity of the country. An active role shall be played in different internalional fora for the country. Any treaty or principle which runs counter to the country and its interest shall not be accepted and implemented and all anti-national black agreements shall be redressed and reviewed in the light of independence and soveriegnty. Any state shall not be allowed to use land, river, sea and air paths of Bangladesh for its military purpose. A bold and courageous role shall be played against hagemonic, expansionism, and a state's interference in another in internal affairs concrete support shall be extended to seperate identity of every nation and struggles for establishment of all nations self-determination. D-8 and SAARC shall be strengthened and effective initiative to gain nembership of ASEAN shall be taken. Firm and Sincere relations with all emerging powers of the world shall be established. Special relations with Muslim world shall be maintained.

NGO programmes

As a partner in total socio-economic development of the country any constructive work of local and internatinal non-government voluntary organizations (NGO) shall be assisted. Any anti-Islamic and anti-state programmes of NGO shall be resisted with an iron hand. NGO Bureau shall be more widen and stronger for superivising total programmes of NGOs. Security of NGO workers across the country shall be ensured. In a word, all-out cooperation shall be extended to all development-oriented constructive activities of NGO and Missionery agencies and all kinds of conspiratorial and anti-national activities of any agency or institution shall be curbed through imposing rigid law.

Chittagong Hill Tracts and tiny nationhood

Befitting constitutional and humanist steps shall be taken to defend endangered existence of Chittagong Hill Tracts, one-tenth part sovereign region of Bangladesh and preserve all rights and honour of all inhabitants living there irrespective of caste, creed, religion including tribal Bangali and non Bangali, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist and Christian and above all ensure the guarantee of their livelihood. All fundamental rights of all people including tribals living in all parts of the country including Chittagong Hill Tracts and backward tiny nationhood shall be ensured. Any kind of conspiracy against sovereignty and regional identity of important land from strategic and geo-political viewpoint and anti-national activities shall be resisted with an iron hand.

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