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Jatiya Party (Ershad)

Bangladesh earned its independence through a long bloody freedom struggle but the fruits of independence have not yet been achieved by the people. The people have given their lives, shed blood, continued their movement and even changed governments with the high hope of having a happy and prosperous country, economic emancipation, social peace security, right to franchise and so on, but all their sacrifices have gone in vain. All these, however, have established a truth- as to which political party is their real friend, which party can efficiently and successfully run the country and achieved meaningful development for the nation. Since independence till now, by all yardsticks of judgement and considering the progress and development achieved in the spheres of national life, it has been proved beyond doubt that Jatiya Party's rule of 9 years has been the golden era of development for Bangladesh since independence. In the backdrop of this success and experience, Jatiya Party strongly believes that it can form the government with the people's mandate in the coming elections to fulfil the hopes and aspirations of the nation. Jatiya Party presents the following manifesto to build a new Bangladesh:

a. The core principles of Jatiya Party are peace, prosperity, reconstruction and progress-oriented politics and modernisation by Which it can go hand in hand with the rest of the developing world. Jatiya Party has always been against the politics of victimization, for smooth sailing of democratic norms in the country. Instead, it is determined to set up an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect for one another in the country's political arena.

b. Jatiya Party does not believe in the Politics of Hartal (general strike). Appropriate law will be introduced to the country with a view to stopping confrontational political activities including Hartal.

a. In place of unitary system of central government, the country may have a few provincial governments as well as the one in the centre. It is extremely difficult for one central government to efficiently rule in a country of 130 million people utterly beset with multifarious problems. Therefore, we propose to divide the country into 8 provinces. Each province will have a provincial assembly and the affairs of the respective province including all development works will be run by the provincial governments. The Party Chairman, Hussain Muhammad Ershad has elaborately explained his ideas of the provincial system of government in a separate booklet.

b. At least 50% of the headquarters located in Dhaka City will be relocated outside Dhaka City.

Peace and Discipline 
The police force will be augmented proportionately to   the population of the country and the police forces will be modernised. Pay and allowances and ancillary facilities will be increased for the police.

  • Police will have free rationing

  • The armed forces will be utilized for the country's development works

  • The Bangladesh Rifles will be strengthened and necessary measures will be taken to protect the frontiers

  • Pay and allowances of Ansar and VDP personnel will be increased and they will be vested with more powers.

b. A terror free society will be established. If Jatiya Party comes to power, it will root out all terrorist activities from the country within 3 months and all kinds of extortion will be eliminated.

a. Number of schools and colleges will be increased and arrangements will be made for free education for both boys and girls up to Higher Secondary Certificate Examination.

b. The salary of registered private primary school teachers will be brought at per with their government counterparts.

c. The salary of private schools and college teachers those are included in the M.P.O. will be increased by 80 to 100 percent.

d. Rangpur Karmichel College will be elevated to an University.

e. The salary of standard Madrasha teachers will be raised to the level of government teachers of their level.

a. A 'Health for all' programme will be introduced and Health complexes will be set up at the Union level with 10 beds in each.

b. Programme will be taken to purify underground water containing arsenic throughout the country.

a. Agricultural appliances and inputs would be made easily available. Flair price for agricultural products would be ensured.

b. Price of fertilizer and diesel would not be enhanced.

c. For the welfare of the poor farmers rural banks known as Palli Bank would be set up. This bank will generate more rural employment and disburse credit at a nominal service charge of Tk. 5.00 only. The Rural Bank will give the facility of repayment of loan installments and service charges quarterly during harvesting seasons.

d. Barindra Project of North Bengal will be expanded as per the original plan.

e. Rajshahi North irrigation project will be materialised.

Social Development
A special allowance would be introduced for old and incapable people from the state.

b. Pathakali Trust would be reintroduced for the neglected children making provision for their education and vocational training to make them self-reliant.

c. Food for work programme would be introduced for poor rural woman.

Village Development
Having set up the village cluster scheme the landless and the floating population would be rehabilitated in each Upa Zila.

b. Village rationing would be introduced.

c. A Union Complex would be set up in each union. By appointing a government official under the Upa Zila Chairman each union would be set up as a grass-root institution.

Communication System
Effective steps would be taken to eliminate traffic jam in every populous cities including Dhaka constructing new roads and fly-over, Steps would also be taken to transfer the site of Dhaka Central Launch Terminal from Sadarghat to Pagla. The proposed Launch Terminal would be most modern up-to-date. 

b. The big bridges would be constructed on the river Padma and Tista. The present ferry system would be replaced by constructing bridges on the small reevaluates step by step.

Existing laws would be brought in line with the principles of the Quoran and Sunnah. Salary will be provided to the Iamam and Muazzin in of Mosque in 68 thousand village of Bangladesh

b. Laws contrary Quran and Sunnah shall be amended.

c. Shariah laws would be followed as far as possible.

d. Special laws would be made for punishing those making derogatory remarks against the Prophet (sm) and the Shariah.

e. Religious education would be made compulsory at all levels.

f. Right of the followers of all religion shall be safeguarded.

Law and Justice
 Freedom of Judiciary will be ensured. Judiciary system will be separated from the administration. The number of High Court Judges will be increased as per requirements and the facilities and benefits will be enhanced.

b. The worst black law of the century- Public Safety Act of 2000, Special Power Act of 1974 and all other black laws will be removed.

Woman and child rights
Functioning of the Family Courts would be further strengthened to protect the rights of women.

b. Reserved women's seat will be raised to 64 from 30 after due amendment to the constitution.

c. Necessary steps would be taken to protect child mortality rate.

Labour Welfare

a. Wages for the labour would be enhanced and a National Minimum Wage would be declared.

b. To combat unemployment problem new employment opportunities would be created.

Foreign and local investments would be encouraged by bringing back stable and healthy political environment.

b. Small and cottage industry enclaves would be set up at all districts and Upa Zillas.

c. Industrialisation in the northern region will be expedited through balanced distribution of gas.

Necessary measures would be taken to make the country's economy more progressive and forward looking. Effective measures would be taken to remove economic disparity of different areas in the country.

b. New industries would be set up and industrial credit facilities would be eased.

c. Strong measures would be taken to increase foreign exchange reserve of the country.

d. Bangladeshis earning abroad would be encouraged to remit more and more of their savings to the country for fruitful utilization of their money.

e. Foreign investment would be made more attractive. A sense of confidence would be brought back in the investment climate market and a congenial environment would be created for small investors.

f. In industrialisation, foreign investment and bank loan special measures would be taken for less developed areas in the country, specially in the northern region.

g. Implementation of the economic opportunities and acceptance of the challenges of globalisation and the WTO system will be arranged.

Energy and Power
Rural electrification would be further extended.

b. Production of electricity would be brought at a level to cope up with the country's requirement.

c. A separate unit of electric production would be set up at the capital to meet the dire shortage of electric supply in Dhaka City.

d. All feasible measures would be undertaken to extend supply of gas in different parts of the country.

Incentives for the war of Liberation
The incentives for the war of liberation would be further strengthened.

b. Priority measures would be undertaken in providing jobs for the Freedom Fighters.

Sports and culture

a. One cricket stadium in each of the District will be constructed within a span of five years.

b. More effective measures would be undertaken for development of sports in the country.

c. Country's culture would receive greater patronization to counter infiltration of foreign influence in this field and preserve our national culture.


Interests of the aborigines would be safeguarded.


Ecological balance for the protection of environment and the control of environment pollution will be strengthened.

Other measures
Pension for government employees would be fixed at the terminal point of basic pay.

b. Full-fledged Upo Zilla system would be reintroduced including Upo Zilla courts.

c. To protect the entire Dhaka city from the floods, embankment project programme undertaken by the Jatiya Party government which remained totally ignored and neglected by the last two consecutive governments would be speeded up.

d. Freedom of press and mass media would be ensured.


Human civilization has stepped into a phase of a new millennium side-tracking the old. We have entered into an age of new technology. This is a glorious chapter in our lifetime. Jatiya Party strongly believes in modern and progressive thoughts, ideals and principles. Jatiya Party have always moved in tune with the needs and welfare of the country and the people in good times as well as in the face of all odds during its 9-year rule. People still remember it as the golden era of their political and social life. Even today, it steadfastly holds on to its commitment and utmost endeavour to build a happy and prosperous Bangladesh and a peaceful life for all her citizens free from hooliganism, snatchery, murder, nepotism, corruption and misrule. Jatiya Party declares to end all these maladies of our social and political life in less than 3 months, if voted to power. Jatiya Party never held any false promises or deviate from the fulfillment of its commitments- Insha Allah, it is determined to fulfil the hopes and aspirations of the people, come what may.

Let Jatiya Party serve you better and show once more how it is different from other political parties in achieving the country's development works, progress and prosperity and improving the shattered law and order situation we have been dipped in.

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