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Bangladesh Awami League

Main features of Awami League’s Election Manifesto 2001 are as follows:

 1. Institutionalizing democracy

 Democracy and the rule of law will be further expanded, consolidated and established in all spheres. The National Parliament will be the centre of all political activities.

 2. Good governance and Administrative Reforms

 A modern, corruption-free and people-oriented administration will be set up ensuring efficiency, accountability and transparency in all levels to establish good governance in the country. The age-limit for government service will be raised to 60 years in stages.

 3. Law and Order Corruption

Strong measures would be taken to uproot violence, improve law-and-order situation and ensure will security of life and property of all citizens. An independent Anti-Corruption Council will be established.

4. Poverty alleviation

Highest priority would be given on poverty alleviation. Pension schemes for the elderly poor, widows and distressed women, allowances for disadvantage freedom fighters would be continued and expanded. Implementation of “One home one farm” programme, creating jobs for unemployed youths, rehabilitation of the displaced people in the ideal villages, “Home Return Scheme” for the slum-dwellers would be extended and housing for all would be provided in stages. Rehabilitation programme will be taken to curb begging.

5. Interest of the farmers and modernization of agriculture

The present policy of making fertilizers, high-yielding seeds, pesticides, irrigation machinery and other agriculture materials available to the farmers at fair prices and giving necessary subsidy would be continued. The trend of attaining self-sufficiency and excess yield in the production of fish, mils, eggs, meat etc. together with food grain would be pursued. Profitable price for agricultural products would be ensured. “Land policy” would be implemented and allotment of government khas lands among the landless would continue.

6. Industry and commerce

Steps would be taken for speedy industrialization. Special attention would be given to the expansion of export-oriented industries and setting up of agro-based industries. Private enterprises, foreign and domestic investments in industries would be encouraged. All efforts would be made for the expansion of IT industry and e-commerce.

7. Education, culture and human resource development

The country would be made free from illiteracy by 2003. All- out initiatives would be taken to implement scientific and pro-people national education policy and enhance the standard of education. The entire primary education would be nationalized. Special priority would be given on female education and it would be made free upto the degree level. Separate public service commission would be instituted for the teachers. Further they will be provided 100 percent government contributions.

Efforts would be taken for the development of national culture and creation of free atmosphere and opportunity for cultural activities throughout the country. The International Mother Language Institute would be developed as a world-class institution. No law would be enacted in contrary to the holy Quran and Sunnah. Due respect would be shown to the teachings and values of all religions.

8. Health services and family welfare

Health services would be available to the doorsteps of the people of implementing National Health Policy and setting up 18 thousand community clinics (1 clinic for every 6,000 people). Crash programme would be taken in hand to solve the arsenic problem.

9. Women’s empowerment and rights of children

The number of reserved seats for women in the Parliament would be doubled (i.e.60) and system of direct elections would be introduced. New steps would be taken for achieving women’s rights, dignity and empowerment. Stringent measures would be taken to stop violence against women and children.

10. Workers and labour policy

Just wage for workers, right of trade union according to ILO. Convention and enhancement of their standard of living would be ensured. The policy of handing over the industrial units to the management of the workers would continue. Effective measures would be taken to prevent frequent accidents in the garment industry.

11. Independence of Judiciary and assurance of Justice

Judiciary would be separated from the Executive Department, the initiative to appoint an Ombudsman will be effected and necessary steps would be taken to make judicial proceedings fast and dynamic.

12. Local government and empowerment of people

In order to decentralise the power and empower the people, in the village, union, upazilla and district level, four-tier autonomous democratic local governments will be given full shape. If the Awami League forms the government, zilla parishad and upazila parishad elections will be held on  priority basis. Every union sadar will be made the centre of local socio-economic, administrative and development activities. Every upazilas sadar will be turned into municipality and will be made full-fledged townships.

13. Transportation and physical infrastructure:

Nationwide road networks will be built centred around unions. Steps will be taken for the expansion and development of transportation throughout the country including the building of the Padma Bridges every upazilla will be brought under digital telephone networks. Flyovers, underpasses and monorails will be built to reduce traffic congestion in the big cities, including Dhaka and Chittagong.

14. Electricity, energy and mineral resources:

Electricity will be supplied to every village. Measures will be taken to reduce load shedding by better production and distribution of electricity according to the need. Gas supplies will be assured for the north and southwestern regions of the country through pipelines over the Bangabandhu Bridge. We will remain ever committed to the interest of the country in respect of the use and exploration of gas and mineral resources.

15. Mass media and free flow information:

The law enacted by us to make Radio and Television autonomous institutions free from party influences, will be made effective, the freedom of newspapers will be protected.

16. Environment and Water resources:

Measures will be taken for the planned usage of water resources, prevention of erosion of riverbanks, and permanent solution of the flood problem. To save the ecological balance, the conservation of forests and tree plantations will be encouraged and C.N.G. gas will be made available for petrol using cars to create a pollution-free environment.

17. Science and Technology:

In order to make the nation more up to date in scientific and technological research and to achieve world standard in scientific practices, there will be increased opportunities for original scientific research.

18. Sports:

Special emphasis will be given to planned initiative, management, training and improved infrastructural facilities to improve the overall standard of sports.

19. Underdevelopment Regions and Communities:

Development of all regions of the country, equal rights for all religious and ethnic minority communities will be assured. Steps will be taken to preserve the language, culture and heritage of the tribal communities.

20. Defence:

Through advanced training, equipment and increased facilities, a skilled, professional, dependable and modern defence force will be built.

21. Foreign Policy:

In the case of foreign policy, we will be committed to the principal of “Friendship towards all, malice towards none”. Through mutual talks with India, the border problems will be solved. Bangladesh will play a greater working role in the United Nations peace missions.

Fellow brothers and sisters, please give your mandate for this manifesto so that we can bring economic emancipation, alleviate poverty and work towards development to put a smile in thee faces of our teeming millions. Please cast your vote in favour of Bangladesh Awami League’s election symbol, Boat and give us another chance to serve the country.


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