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Quasem Group

Quasem Group is one of the  leading Industrial and Trading houses in Bangladesh. The trading company diversified its business activities to jute, coal, cement etc. In the mid-sixties it was one of the largest balers and exporters of raw jute in the country.

The group started its business with the establishment of a Trading Company in 1950. In 1967 The company further diversified its activities and engaged in manufacturing industries and and set up the first Textile Mill of the Group. Today the company's range of activities covers production of yarn, weaving, dyeing, and finishing of fabrics and manufacturing of drycell batteries, zink callots and cosmatics, electric bulbs. Besides, the group has also a pilot dairy firm.

The Founder Chairman of the Group was late Mr. Abul Quasem who was a politician and parliamentarian  from the time of British regime in this Sub-Continent. Late Mr. Abul Quasem was a pioneer in industrialization of the country.  After retirement of Mr. Abul Quasem, his eldest son Mr. A.K.M. Mayeedul Islam took over as Chairman till he was elected member of the Parliament of Bangladesh in 1978. Thereafter Mr. A.K.M. Mainul Islam, his younger brother became Chairman and Managing Director of Quasem Group. Mr. Tasvir ul Islam, youngest of the brothers is the Deputy Managing Director of all the Companies under the banner of Quasem Group.  

Quasem Group consists of 13 different types of concerns. Let's be familiar with them.

Establlished in 1967, Quasem Textile Mills Ltd. is one of the largest concerns of Quasem Group. The unit has a production capacity of weaving 2.4 million yards and a finishing capacity of 12 million yards of fabrics per year. The machineries and equipments of the factory have become old and presently a BMRE project is under way on completion of which the factory would supply 120 million yards of different kinds of finished dyed and printed fabric to export oriented garment industry of the country.

Quasem Cotton Mills Ltd. is a spinning mill with 25000 spindles. It was incorporated in 1969. Subsequently the promoters of the Company added 5400 high speed rotors to the factory to meet the ever-growing demand for yarn in the country.

Quasem Silk Mills Ltd. was set up in 1981 as a weaving unit Picanol and Ruite looms. The factory presently produces 3 million yards of gray fabric for export oriented garment factories. A BMRE to set up another 200 modern looms is under way.

Quasem Rotor Spinning Mills Ltd. is the first open end Rotor Spinning Factory in Bangladesh. It is equipped with 3000 rotor spindles. It produces 4.5 million lbs of yarn of different counts. The company started in 1989.

Quasem Drycells Ltd. is the largest drycell manufacturing factory in Bangladesh. It was established in 1981. It produces both Ammonium Chloride and Zink Chloride battery of  UM-1 (R-20) & UM-3 (R-6) sizes. The Company meets about 40% of the local demand.

Quasem Zinc Ltd. is the only zink callot manufacturing unit with modern facilities in Bangladesh. Callot is one of the basic raw materials for the manufacturing of drycell battery. The Company is capable of meeting the entire requirement of zinc callot in Bangladesh.

Quasem Lamps Ltd. is a new venture of the group. The company established in 1986, and commenced commercial production in mid 1997. The company produces electric bulbs of international standard. The production capacity of the factory is 10 million pieces per annum.

Quasem Cosmatics Ltd. started operating in 1997, and started commercial production of international standard cosmatics and toiletries under the brand name of Craze. At the moment, the Company is manufacturing Nail Polish, Lipstick, Eyeliner, Mascara, Face Powder, Shampoo, Moisturizing Cream, Perfume, Cologne and After Shave, Beauty Soap, etc.

Mukul Brothers Ltd. is the trading house of the Group. It was setup in 1968. It provides supplies to Govt. and private organizations. Primarily it deals in raw cotton, food grain, edible oil, cement, metals and minerals, engineering and construction equipments.

Energy Company Ltd. aims at exploring the possibility of harnessing the mining and energy sector in Bangladesh in collaboration with foreign counterparts.

Nafisa Dairy Farm is a Dairy project of medium size set up in Baimail in the district of Gazipur. The farm is located by Dhaka-Tangail highway in a beautiful and cozy surrounding. The group has a plan to expand the farm to meet the growing need of fresh milk and high breed cattle head in Bangladesh.

Quasem Foundation deals with Quasem Group's socio-economic and humanitarian services. The Foundation at the moment runs a charitable Maternity and Child welfare center and a 50 bed Eye Hospital at Ulipur in the district of Kurigram. The maternity center provides medical aid (with pre natal and postnatal care) to the poor mothers and children. It also provides family planning assistance to the rural people.

Quasem Soft System Ltd. is Quasem Group's presence in IT sector likewise. It  provides solutions for B2B portal site. Q-Soft's specialization is for e-commerce solution , e-payment and various software development ideas. It is the concept the clients provide and it is development Q-soft provides. Q-Soft has won various awards for it's World's First On-Line Contract Manufacturing System.


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