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Partex Group

Established in 1959, Partex Group is one of the leading industrial and trading groups in Bangladesh. It consists of 17 concerns. Over 7,000 employees are working in this commercial group. In 2000-2001 it's targeting turnover is Tk. 8,000 million and estimated growth rate 15% per annum. Net worth at current market price  is Tk. 7,500 Million. Over 350 distributors around the nation are engaged in distributing the products and services. There are over 45,000 outlets where products are marketed. Partex's movement is many-fold. It extends it's network in various sectors extended from milk to steel products. Let's be familiar with some of the concerns of Partex Group.

Danish Condensed Milk Bangladesh Ltd covers two major production ranges, "Danish" Sweetened Condensed Milk and "Silver Cross" Full Cream Sweetened Condensed Milk, both in tin containers of 397 grams. The quality of the products is maintained stringently at all levels under the technical assistance of Australian Dairy Corporation. The entire requirement of condensed milk of Bangladesh is being created through a nationwide distribution network system formed by company appointed distributors

Danish Milk Bangladesh Ltd was launched with the aim of marketing high quality full cream milk powder throughout the nation. The company markets "Danish" brand spray dried full cream milk powder both in 500 grams and 1000 grams sachet packs, enriched with vitamin A and D.

Recently commissioned, Danish Fruit Juice produces highest quality fruit drinks under the brand name Danish Fruit Juice. Bangladeshi customers have welcomed the mango, fruit cocktail and orange flavored drink, hygienically packed in 250ml aseptic packs. Every age group can enjoy this drink, especially when served chilled in our hot summers.

Partex Beverage imports and markets the products of Royal Crown Cola Co. International. It has popularized RC beverage brand in every corner of Bangladesh. Although registered as a Public Limited Company, no public offerings have been made as yet by Partex Beverage.

Amber Cotton Mills Ltd manufacture 100% export quality carded and combed knit cotton yarn of various count. Amber has a complete range of the latest Uster testing laboratory equipment that ensures the quality of the yarn.

Star Particle Board Mills Ltd. produces particle boards, veneered boards, cabinet boards (timber framed), vinyl boards and plywood in various thickness, size and densities. All items are produced within the group to guarantee durability and performance. in addition to particle boards, Star Particle Board Mills Ltd. Produces "Partex" brand doors of several types like internal flash doors for bathroom use, cabinet doors, honey combed doors etc.

Russell Steel Mills Ltd. is an outstanding manufacturer of steel based products. It produces and makes fully galvanized corrugated iron sheets in different gauges and sizes. The corrugated iron sheets of this company are marked under the brand names of "Moon Star" & "Flying Eagle". Both the brands reach the consumers through agents at important market points through out the country.

Rubel Steel Mills Ltd. is equipped with the very latest automatic container making technology. It produces drums specially designed and made as bulk container suitable for packing refined edible oil like soybean, palm, mustard and coconut oil. These are also suitable for glycerin and oils like petroleum products and lubricating oil.

Partex Real Estate stepped forward with a group of experienced and thoughtful resources personnel to fulfill the desires of the inhabitants. This company is devoted to the development of estates of different conditions. At the same time, the skilled designers and architects are devoted in designing and executing apartments on behalf of the company.

Hashem Corporation is a Chittagong based trading house, which imports Iron, Steel, Cement, Sugar, Wheat, Dal , Spices, Oil, Paper, etc.

Ferrotechnic Ltd. produces substitutes of wood products for construction and fixtures. The group also produces high quality furniture from Partex board products. The company has earned a reputation for its high standard and superior finishing in all of its products in the field of exclusive furniture, decor and design.

Corvee Maritime Co. Ltd. the company is now well-equipped with a modern oil tanker of 1000 M.T. capacity. It is constantly updating its service. The vessel primarily carries, CDSO, fat products and other oil products.

High quality synthetic liquid glue of international standard is made of imported para-formaldehyde powder and locally available urea by polymerization condensation method by Star Chemicals Ltd. It has been fulfilling market requirement with entire satisfaction with its Urea Formaldehyde (UF) Resin, properly packed in drums.

In a bid to fulfill the multiple needs of a complex society the PARTEX Group has also entered into the paper and pulp industry. Amber Pulp and Paper manufactures high grade paper of different categories which include cigarette paper, light tissue, bible paper, typing tissues and best grade writing and printing manifold paper, in sheets and rolls.

Established in 1997,dhakaCom is a new but technologically strong company in the field of Internet communication. After a long way of setting up the company and creating its ground, now it is starting full blown services. The company is formed with the best technological advances and equipment to provide some services in this country which has never been introduced before and it is to be built for the data-intensive era of communications. 

Webparamedics organized a talented team of skilled & experienced professionals from the disciplines of design, communication, computing & marketing to meet media requirements. Webparamedics' team works closely with clients to create content rich sites and visually stimulating experiences that maximize the effectiveness of all the elements required in producing an effective web-based marketing & communication business tool.

Partaxgroup is not only engaged in trade and manufacturing , it has also widened its sphere to the consumer service industry. Fotoroma is a trusted  photographic lab in the capital city.

Novartis is dedicated to serving people healthcare, agriculture and nutrition needs. It is committed to improving health and well-being through innovative products and services. Novartis was created by the merger of Ciba and Sandoz the largest merger in history.

Board of Directors

M.A Hashem                                                                    


PABX  9550555


A.A- Kaiser Tito                                                               

Vice Chairman& Managing Director Complex-1

PABX  9550555



Managing Director Complex-II

PABX  9550555



Managing Director Complex-III

PABX  9550555


Showdat Aziz Russell                                                         

Managing Director  Complex-IV

PABX  9550555


Ashfak Aziz Rubel                                                             

Managing Director  Complex-V

PABX  9550555


Sultana Hashem                                                                


PABX  9550555


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