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 About Us

Bangla comes from our adored country, Bangladesh, and also from our beloved mother tongue. The year 2000 represents the great new millennium, which comes with the potential to bring human kind an unprecedented future of well-being. 

This potential arises from the worldwide revolution of Information Technology. Internet is one of most important inventions of human kind, which is carrying on prosperity for the world in new ways virtually in every new day. 

We come to serve our motherland and its people every way that could be done by using the unrivalled power of Internet. aims to be the largest online media for Bangladeshi people worldwide, at home and abroad.

This is an effort of some bright and young entrepreneurs of the country. Doing something for the motherland is what drives us the most. With your help and support, we hope to establish a very successful example in the IT sector of Bangladesh. We want to tell that world – “YES! Bangladeshis can do it as well”. 

We welcome your patronization in every possible mode. We would feel grateful if you contact us directly by mail for any of your inquiry, suggestion or support. 




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